Hangeng (Hankyung)’s Departure from Suju and S.M.

     The worst thing that could possibly happen to a celebrity, that is, ending your life early due to large amounts of stress, almost happened to Super Junior’s Hangeng. The singer recently made an appearance on a Taiwanese program titled Shen Chunhua Life Show, where he revealed, “While with SM [Entertainment], I was building so much stress that at one point, I just wanted to commit suicide.” He continued in tears, “It was just too hard, living in Korea. Having the thoughts of hanging myself in my mind was worse. Just thinking of the possibilities at the time made everything so difficult.” To further add to the saddened environment, a letter from his father in Beijing which basically stated his greetings to his ‘long lost’ son, and the endless love that he shares with him, was given to Hangeng during the show, leading him to drop tears.   

 After reading the above, I almost started to cry. I later went and watched the show mentioned and others where he explained his feelings and concerns during the last year he was with Super Junior. Then, I actually DID cry. It’s sooo sad… seeing Hangeng like this.

He is, and always will be my favourite Suju member <3. I know he still loves his brothers in Super Junior and I hope he may collaborate with them in the future. But as for now, I watch and support him pursuing his solo career. His new solo album Geng Xin 庚心, was released a couple of months ago. The MV for ‘Fire’ was released in July, while the MVs for ‘Say No’ and ‘Holding an Umbrella’ were released in the beginning of August, and the MV for ‘My Logo’ about 2 weeks back. I also admit that I cried while watching the ‘Say No’ MV, and the MV for ‘Holding and Umbrella’. Honestly, I can’t stop listening to ‘Say No’… over and over and over again.

Here is the MV for ‘Say No’. Hangeng’s wearing little to make-up in this video, going for the natural look. The MV is basically telling a story of how he wants to be free. All of the video was shot in New Zealand. Since I’m Chinese, I understand the lyrics, and they’re uber sweet and touching.


Annnnnd, the MV for Holding And Umbrella. Again, he’s wearing next to no make-up, which I like. He looks natural. The lyrics are also really sweet here. 


This is one of the shows I’ve watched recently, where he talks about his time at S.M. He also shows off his dancing skills! ^^ 

PHEWW. Sorry guys, this has got to be the longest post ever~ But because its Hangeng, it doesn’t matter how long the post is.   



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