SNSD chosen as most influential female advertising models~

SNSD was recently picked as the most influential female advertising models.

Marketing service company, Neobab, conducted a poll from September 7th to October 1st, with the question of interest being, “Which female advertising models have the biggest influence on the public?”

Results showed that out of the 751 netizens who participated, 449 (59.7%) voted for SNSD, 219 (29.1%) voted for Lee Hyori, and 104 (13.8%) for Shin Min Ah, placing them first, second, and third respectively.

Neobab representative Shin Jae Gyu explained, “Those responsible for corporate marketing are sensitive to public responses and trends. Consumers want to be like the cute and sexy SNSD stars, which is how they are able to increase the value and sales of the brands they are advertising.”

He continued, “During the first half of 2010, SNSD increased album revenues with their hits ‘Oh!’ and ‘Run Devil Run’. Through them, the public’s awareness for the group heightened, and advertising contracts followed. Companies who used SNSD as their models would have definitely felt the group’s influence.”

The representative went on to say, “The second and third ranking of Lee Hyori and Shin Min Ah are based on ‘mature’ and ’sexy’ factors.” He went on to focus on Lee Hyori, saying that her “best charm is her confidence. Her consistent practicing, good sense of fashion, and overall personal development is receiving a good response from the public.”


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