Hankyung’s controversial CF was originally in Mandarin~

Hangeng’s Controversy over video game CF is cleared up

Former Super Junior member Hankyung has been embroiled in a controversy over a video game commercial for the Chinese MMORPG, Tian Xia 2.

The controversy first arose when news of Hankyung’s acting in a particular Chinese CF surfaced. Netizens immediately felt that the CF was degrading to Koreans, as a woman depicted to be a Korean shouts in Korean at Hankyung, “Hey, hey, wake up. Do you think this is your concert? Are you going to move aside or not? Screw off if you’re not.” Hankyung then transforms into a game character and attacks the woman, leading many to feel that the CF is a reflection on Hankyung’s personal feelings. It also didn’t help matters that Tian Xia 2 recently beat Korea’s own mega popular MMORPG Aion from NCSoft for best visuals in a research conducted by IPSOS Group.

Well, it’s been recently revealed to us through numerous emails via tips that the original CF was recorded fully in Mandarin and the lady is actually Chinese and not Korean.

I don’t know why it was dubbed in Korean, perhaps as a slight against Aion but friendly competition never hurt anybody. I highly doubt that their intention was to slight Korea in any way. Personally, I would skip over both of these games and wait for TERA Online.

In addition, it’s come to our attention that Hangeng didn’t state negative things about Koreans nor Kimchi but rather it was the reporter who was joking around. Hangeng went with the joke for a while but states, “No, it wasn’t like that at all.” There were no mentions of SM Entertainment neither. Check out the video interview below:

Well, there you go. The controversy is cleared up.
I don’t know if some of you read, recently an article was published on Allkpop stating that Korean celebrity was bashing Hangeng because of this controversy. If not, read it here: http://www.allkpop.com/2010/11/kim-jang-hoon-criticizes-hankyungs-actions

Kim Jang Hoon is not part of SM officials, so he has no idea what really went on between Hangeng and SME. Nor, should he base his slanders on simple rumours. Obviously, he was quite wrong. Of course, it’s good to be patriotic, but I think he has gone overboard. Calling Hangeng not worthy to be a man is pointless and makes Kim Jang Hoon a bully basically. I hope an official apology will be issued. It is unjust for anyone of the public to assume anything or judge the people involved in Hangeng’s lawsuit with SM. We do not know the hardships he went through, and we do not know SM’s side of the story either.
Since I’m Chinese, I reversed that situation in my head. If a former Cpop star had went back to Korea to further pursue his career, and shot a CF in which a chinese woman acted meanly,… I wouldn’t really care. It is only marketing and advertisement. And if I also heard that this celebrity was supposedly ‘making rude comments about China’, I’d be miffed. But I certainly would NOT call him pathetic, or not worthy to be a man. >:|


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