Co-Ed to add a new member?~

New Female member for Co-Ed?~

So now, it’s almost an even number of Male and Female members.

Rookie group Co-Ed might be adding on a new member, as revealed by an industry representative on November 30th.

The group currently consists of 10 members, four being female and six being male. The possibility of the new member being another a female is high.

The representative stated, “Co-Ed adding on a new female member is nearly confirmed. Once this member joins, the girls will create a separate unit group and greet their fans before the entire group’s official comeback.

Co-Ed recently wrapped up their debut promotion and is currently preparing for their new album release this February.

Core Contents Media, the group’s agency, revealed, “We are currently discussing the addition of a new member, but there is nothing confirmed yet.

Source: Allkpop | Shared by: sunbunss

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