SNSD introduces new line dance concept in Shibuya~


If you stare at the picture for awhile, it becomes apparent that it was photoshopped. There is no way that all of their legs are the same length. Sure, they’re still different heights… but their legs are exactly the same length. Which of course, we know is not true and would be one heck of a coink-a-dink, dontcha think? O:

SNSD will be making Japan’s Christmas season shine bright with a new large-scale illumination electric display to be put up in the middle of Shibuya.

According to SM Entertainment, the illumination will be up on the exterior of Shibuya’s representative fashion building, Shibuya 109, starting from November 30th.

SNSD signed a contract with Shibuya 109 to celebrate this Christmas season for exactly one month, lasting until December 25th.

Representatives of SM Entertainment stated, “In the illumination, the girls are shown with their new and modern ‘line dance’ concept fit for the Christmas season. We are predicting a hot response. SNSD has been attracting attention not only for their choreography, but their fashion as well, and are highly popular amongst Japanese teens and 20s. This illumination will capture the attention of the people walking the streets of Shibuya.

Source: Allkpop | Shared by: sunbunss

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