2PM’s Taecyeon cancels green card, intends to enlist in active army~

Taecyeon to enlist into Korean Army…. =(

NOOO! WHY TAECYEON, WHYYY??!! I need you to be safe at home doing your 2PM thing… And not playing with guns. T^T

It has been unexpectedly announced that 2PM member Ok Taecyeon has cancelled his American permanent residence visa and intends to enlist into active duties.

On December 9th, JYP Entertainment confirmed to Money Today Star News, “Taecyeon revealed that he would like to give up his American permanent residence visa, and recently on December 1st, he received his official confirmation for his permanent residence cancellation.”

In 2008, after his debut, he received a physical examination for drafting and received a physical body status sufficient enough to only enlist as a public service personnel, but he is currently thinking of completing active military duties.

The representative stated, “Taecyeon has voiced out thoughts of wanting to enter the military service. He submitted his documents on the 1st, and is clear on his actions.”

They continued, “Now that Taecyeon wants to enter active duties, he recently received a re-examination. I think he was affected by the recent Yeon Pyeong Island shelling, so we want to respect his decision.”

They concluded, “Since Taecyeon is still at a young age, he won’t be entering the military immediately. He is currently active as an actor as well as continuing his studies, so we still need to watch over him.”

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