SNSD’s thoughts on winning the ‘2010 Golden Disk Awards’~

SNSD Wins Daesung Award at the 2010 Golden Disk Awards~!

YUPP. Well, that’s for sure.. SNSD is climbing up the fame ladder~ Congratulations SNSD! =]

SNSD cried tears of joy after winning the Daesang at the 2010 Golden Disk Awards. Having won the Rookie Award in 2007 and the Digital Gold Daesang in 2009, SNSD has risen as one of the best girl groups of our time.

– What were you thinking when your name was called?

We still can’t believe it. I guess this is what people mean when they say it feels like a dream. We really had no anticipation and just came here thinking about wanting to have fun with our fans. Is it okay for us to receive such a big award… It’s kind of scary, but also touching. We’ll never forget the moment our name was called for ‘Golden Disk Daesang.’”

– Did you know you would win?

No. We were nervous over a lot of things today and were worried about whether we’d make a mistake on stage or not. We always gather around and shout, ‘Right now is girls’ generation! Fighting!’ before we go on stage, but we didn’t even have time for that today. We tried to do it at the table with our feet instead of our hands.

– Everyone seemed upset that Tiffany wasn’t present. All of the members called out her name during the awards speech.

All nine must stand on one stage for SNSD to be completed. Tiffany’s empty space felt so large, seeing the award made us think of her that much more. It’s upsetting not being able to be with her.

– You received the Rookie Award in 2007. It seems like fate between you and ‘Golden Disk.’

We’re extremely thankful. It’s more meaningful since it’s an award that properly calculates album and digital sales. It’s all thanks to our fans who think preciously of us.”

– How does it feel to look back on your trainee days?

We all trained for 4-6 years in order to become singers. Our parents worried a lot over us, and being able to stand on such an honorable stage as singers brings up such strong emotions. We’d like to thank Lee Soo Man for helping us realize our dreams.”

– Can you give a message to your ‘ajusshi’ fans?

We know that we are being supported as their younger siblings or nieces. We’ll make sure we don’t disappoint and always try our best.”

– Will you be throwing a party today?

We honestly did not come here thinking we’d win an award. Not only us, but BoA, Super Junior, and SHINee all received so many awards, it’s going to be a festive day today. Our agency might prepare a party for us, but we’re not sure. We have to go out and discuss first.

– What is your future goal?

It’s such an honorable moment, we don’t know what more we could want. If there’s one thing we genuinely wish for, it’s for all nine of our SNSD members to go together until the end.

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