Hangeng wins lawsuit over SM Entertainment~


S0… It’s finally been decided. HANGENG WON! :D I’m uber happy for him, yet his departure from SM Entertianment makes me sad. His victory in his lawsuit means Super Junior will never be 13 again. =(
On the other hand, I’m happy for his freedom. Finally, he gets what he wanted, and now he has no restrictions to hold him back.
I’m proud of you, Hangeng and all your success as a solo artist.
Hangeng, you must keep fighting~!

Btw, this is an amazing picture of him… heellloooo new desktop ;)

On December 21st, the Seoul Central District Court ruled in favor of the plaintiff, Super Junior’s Hankyung, in the lawsuit he filed against his agency, SM Entertainment.

The Department of Justice stated, “All three contracts – from the January 2003 contract, the altered contract from February 2007, and the affiliated contract from December 2007 – do not exist.”

Hankyung had filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment in December of 2009 claiming, “I cannot maintain an unjust contract.”

Meanwhile, an SM Entertainment representative spoke with MyDaily in the aftermath of the decision and stated, “We cannot accept the result. We will file an immediate appeal to reverse the decision.”

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7 thoughts on “Hangeng wins lawsuit over SM Entertainment~

  1. misz mimi_hannie says:

    well,i think suju will always 13 in our heart~!in ELF ‘S heart,geng is suju..only procedure and law separate them..well,all the restriction which is imposed against him is due to sme rite?so,sme is the solution for all this problem..they are the one who cause geng to leave and because of disastisfaction towards him,elf’s hope will be just a hope~!sme will not allow them to be together again,it is not their choice but because of the restriction which has been imposed by that company~!!they can perform together again and elf will be happy but as long as sme is behind all these,our hope will never come true~!sme is sooooooooooooooooooooo bad~!but i love geng and really ahppy for him~!

    • i totally agree…. SM is at the root of this problem. but there is a rumour going around that him, and super junior will be performing at the Hunan tv new years special.. I LOOK FORWARD TO IT :D

      • misz mimi_hannie says:

        yes,i know that.but,there are some rumors saying that is pre recorded,well,i cannot wait
        to see them meet each other..some of them might cry..cannot wait for that moment..well
        geng already received this news..and he is so calm during that interview~!geng is awesome~!

  2. pre recorded? aw, i was hoping to see them perform on the same stage… if SM will allow it.
    I hope they capture the moment on tape… i would like to see it too. I know that the only reason hangeng isn’t in contact with suju is because of SM….so i hope they can meet eachother and hug it out :D

  3. misz mimi_hannie says:

    everyone is anticipating it~!! really hope they can have a happy meeting~!!well,yes,there is such assumption that sme is trying all the way they can just to stop the boys from contacting each other..but heechul went to see geng during his visit to korea..~!so,they are actually still in contact with each other but maybe,not all of them..well,we know geng is a mild and silent person..he doesnt talk much~!so,this meeting might resolve everything..i am anticipating it~!

    • yes, i heard about heechul and hangeng meeting. i thought that was sweeet. They were always really good friends. :D but hangeng said in an interview awhile ago that they weren’t allowed to contact eachother because of ‘legal issues’… so basically their contract dissagreements.
      *siiiiigh~* I reeeeeaaaaalllly can’t wait until they meet! Hopefully it will be a tearful moment. After all, they are like brothers, aren’t they? :)

      • misz mimi_hannie says:

        serious?in which interview?i know he said something like they cannot contact each other
        coz he want to protect his suju members..but..after all,this issue has been dissolved by
        winning this lawsuit rite>how can sme take guard of everything about suju’s life?they cannot contact each other even personally?no wonder none of them react to hangeng’s winning the lawsuit..i miss HANCHUL moment..seriously!i’m dying to see them meet each other again..
        sme is so evil..how can they stop brothers from contacting each other..they have right to do
        so..even they are no longer in the same team>they are brothers!

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