Double knock-out from GD&TOP: album and concept images revealed~

GD & TOP reveal concept photos and new album~!

GD&TOP delivered a first taste of what they had in store for us at the “2010 MAMA” in Macau, by aptly performing “Bbeokigayo” (“Knock-Out”). Following up quickly with performances of “High High” and “Oh Yeah” (feat. 2NE1’s Park Bom), the two have built up an anticipation so wired that one spark could throw the entire industry in flames.

Their first full-length album and concept photos were released today, and we’ve combined the two releases into a formidable double-hit. But first, a little background on the tracks!

Their title track, “Bbeokigayo,” boasts unique lyrics like “Even the coffee names they sell in corner stores are T.O.P,” and “No matter what I throw on, I’m photoshoot ready.”

GD&TOP utilized and synthesized a variety of genres for their individual tracks.

T.O.P. showcases his vocals for the rock song, “OH MOM“, which tells the story of T.O.P’s real fan encounter. G-Dragon’s solo track, “What Do You Want Me To Do?” has a rock & roll rhythm with an accompanying comical rap.

With all that background knowledge, we’re sure that you’ll love their album even more. Check the album here~ and check out the images below! (Merry Christmas!)

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