Which star(s) appeared on the most Lunar New Year programs?

So who was the busiest this Lunar New Year?

It’s mostly been rookies, what happened to the big shots? Like Suju? Maybe the big shots don’t need the extra promotions… Not to offend any rookie artists ^^

There’s no better time than Chuseok and Lunar New Year’s for idol groups to get out there and promote themselves to the public. A variety of special programs lets them to reach out to a bigger audience, since everyone’s home from work and school.

Some would argue that KARA was the idol group who first kicked off this vigorous promotion cycle back during 2009’s Chuseok, when they earned the nickname ‘bolts of energy‘ thanks to Goo Hara’s efforts. By winning a variety of contests, she established the foundations for the rest of her group members to rise up on, resulting in KARA being one of Korea’s top girl groups.

SISTAR’s Bora continued the trend during 2010’s Chuseok by achieving exceptional results at MBC’s “Idol Star Athletics Championships”. The idol won the female 100m hurdle, the female 400m relay, the female 100m race, and a silver at the high jump. The achievements brought countless headlines for SISTAR in the weeks that followed.

So which stars hit it big during 2011’s Lunar New Year holiday?  They’re none other than SECRET, T-ara, SISTAR, and rookies Han Groo and Dal Shabet.  The girls dominated the Lunar New Year’s specials by appearing on almost every single show.

According to Sports Today, T-ara grabbed 1st place with a total of 11 appearances on the three major broadcasting networks – SBSMBC, and KBS.

SECRET and SISTAR came out with nine and eight appearances, respectively.

Following those three groups were Girl’s DayRainbowf(x)miss A, the Brown Eyed Girls, and Dal Shabet. Rookies Dal Shabet, Han Groo, and Co-Ed also garnered a surprising amount of appearances throughout the two-day holiday as well.

Male groups, including 2PM and MBLAQ, were also seen on the specials, but the number of their appearances paled in comparison to the girls’.

Unfortunately for some, the jam-packed schedule resulted in visible fatigue in their performances. Yet some groups felt that it was a good sacrifice, as they managed to set up a foundation for themselves and raise their popularity over the holiday, allowing them to further grow into top stars.

Special holiday programs have now become a staple for idols in the music industry, as well as a ‘must attend’ activity for rookie artists.

Source: Allkpop | Shared by: sunbunss

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