UEE’s mini homepage gets attacked by Seungri fans~

Seungri has some angry fans…

Ever since After School’s UEE appeared on SBS’s “King of Idols“, her mini homepage has been off-the-wall busy.

For those of you who haven’t heard of “King of Idols”, it was a Lunar New Year special that had numerous idols competing against each other in various games. But it had an interesting twist – the idols also had to participate in a ‘couple game’, where they had to pick a partner of the opposite sex. In the end, there is a King and Queen of Idols. The filming took place in Pattaya, Thailand for two nights and three days.

When the episode aired on February 2nd, fans of Big Bang’s Seungri became enraged by UEE’s disregard towards their idol.

First, during the game ‘King of Strategy‘ game (in which opposing teams had to push one another into the water), UEE stated, “I just want to beat Seungri” and ended up pushing him into the water during the game. Additionally, during the couple picking game, Seungri opened his heart to UEE – only to receive a “No thanks” from her end. UEE ended up picking 2AM’s Jinwoon.

After watching UEE’s behavior, Seungri fans attacked UEE’s mini homepage with malicious and abusive comments.

Seeing these negative comments, a few netizens stated, “This is too much. Even if you are upset as a Seungri fan, I think this kind of comment is manner-less” and “What would Seungri think if he saw these comments?”

Source: Allkpop | shared by: sunbunss

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