Nichkhun’s kissing CF for “It’s Skin” revealed~

Oh Hot Damn.

That girl is the luckiest girl in the world… kissing Nichkhun’s sexy lips. *green with envy* ><

2PM’s Nichkhun’s CF for “It’s Skin” recently aired on TV!

The 30 second commercial for “It’s Skin” product “Snail Cream” was first shown at Lotte Cinema and CGV on February 1st and a teaser was also recently released. The full CF began airing on Korean television on February 8th.

The CF starts out with Nichkhun staring sullenly at a girl saying, “I’ve fallen for an unkind girl…” Then the scene quickly turns into a slow and intimate kiss between Nichkhun and the girl, completing the sentence with “…who doesn’t tell me about herself.” The CF then says “don’t believe her” before announcing the magic of “Snail Cream.” The CF ends with Nichkhun’s sexy English saying, “Believe it, It’s Skin.”

Fans are showing mixed reactions. Some are commenting, “This is so hot! It’s like a movie!” , “Nichkhun is an awesome actor!” while some are crying, “What about Wife Vic??” , “Kiss me!!”

Source: Allkpop | Shared by: sunbunss

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