How did Super Junior take over China?

Of course, Super Junior dominates China~

Oh, how I love my 13 beauts ^^

In China, if you ask someone to name just one of Korea’s numerous idol groups, they usually pick Super Junior. How did Super Junior, who performs in all of Asia as if it were just one big stage and sells out all their concert tickets, manage to break into the important Chinese market?

Recently, a Chinese media outlet analyzed Super Junior’s charms and attempted to reveal how the idol group got so popular in a relatively short amount of time. Their song, “Sorry Sorry” was especially popular, often picked as one of China’s favorite K-pop songs.

The results found that the easy-to-follow lyrics and the unique choreography captured Asia’s attention; In Taiwan, the song captured 1st place on one music chart for over 30 weeks. This was said to be an unusual occurrence and during that time, only “Sorry Sorry” could be heard in Taiwanese cities.

Although there have been several changes in the members of Super Junior over the past 5 years, they’re still regarded as Asia’s top boy band. In a surprisingly short time, they became the symbol of the Hallyu Wave. Their “rubbing hands” choreography was followed by Asians all over the continent, with pirated contents popping up on the internet, and fans following their dances and uploading videos onto the web. The simple yet addicting melody and dance became the reason for the song’s overwhelming popularity.

Super Junior’s leader, Leeteuk commented, “I think people like the special choreography as well, rather than liking the song alone. This is why so many people in Asia love our song“.

When Super Junior members travel to China, thousands of their fan girls greet their arrival, waiving their trademark blue light sticks. The Chinese media was surprised by the massive fan power, and explained, “Super Junior’s popularity not only comes from their good looks, but from the talent that comes from being trainees for several years“.

Super Junior M

Super Junior is among the only idol groups that can sing live while performing difficult choreography. China is also paying attention to the unit groups of Super Junior. K.R.Y, composed of Yesung,Ryeowook, and Kyuhyun is known for their spectacular vocals. Super Junior M, composed ofSiwon, Ryeowook, Kyuhyun, Donghae, and Henry, is known for their superb member configuration.

Super Junior M, especially, has succeeded in entering the Chinese market for using the ‘Localization Strategy’. With the members singing in Chinese, they have succeeded in gaining many Chinese fans. Siwon elaborated, “Super Junior M purposely has a Chinese member to target the Chinese market. We also can speak Chinese pretty well so we understand the locals“.

With the various aspects of the idol group, they’ve broken the notorious K-pop boy band rule, “That groups all disband 5 years after debuting“. Chinese media commented, “The Chinese audience is always looking for ‘fresh’ artists. Since Super Junior has a lot of members and can always give off a fresh vibe, they’re able to be loved for a long time“.

The group is now working towards breaking into the American market. Their participation for the concert in L.A. (SMTOWN) this past September was sold out completely. Not being satisfied just by their success in the Asian market, the group is attempting to conquer the American market as well.

The Chinese press made this last comment, “Super Junior is a well-respected and well-loved superstars. Sometimes they even exist as your friendly next-door neighbors. Everything from the members’ talents to their honest and truthful personalities make up the reason why they’re so dearly loved by the fans“.

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