DSP Media releases official statement regarding KARA’s lawsuit~

Official statement from DSP~

Feels like deja-vu, doesn’t it?

After being hit with a lawsuit yesterday by KARA’s SeungyeonNicole, and JiyoungDSP Mediareleased an official statement about their position on February 14th.

Through a press report, the agency stated,

“Because we were not delivered the accusation yet, we will speak with a lawyer once it is delivered and take the appropriate action then. Aside from the lawsuit, we will do our absolute best to ensure that KARA’s future activities are fulfilled.

Their claims of flawed income distribution is a huge distortion. All of the payments made by DSP Media were done according to their contracts, and this will be further confirmed through the process of the lawsuit.

The legal process has begun, and we hope that the three KARA members will refrain from making one-sided claims that are unconfirmed. DSP Media will also be refraining from making any statements outside of the legal discussion, like we have done thus far. We will be prioritizing KARA’s future, no matter the lawsuit. DSP Media will make sure that this controversy is resolved in an amicable matter.

Before the three members of KARA filed the lawsuit, we have made repeated attempts to resolve the situation. While we were looking forward to discussions and for misunderstandings to be resolved, the lawsuit has taken us by surprise.”

Source: Allkpop | Shared by: sunbunss

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