Big Bang to simultaneously promote six title tracks~

WHOA. SIX tracks at the same time?

When it comes to keeping people on their toes, it can be argued that YG Entertainment rains supreme in unconventionality. With Big Bang’s mini-album set to drop in just over a week, it looks like the popular quintet is going over the top with their return.

Although the members have worked in solo and duo units (G-Dragon’s HeartbreakerTaeyang’sWedding DressGD&TOP’s High High and Seungri’s VVIPWhat Can I Do), this will mark an enormous return after two years on group hiatus. In an ambitious move that is anticipated to make up for the long absence, a YGE representative revealed according to the Japanese source Chosun Ilbo, “On February 24, Big Bang will be released their fourth mini-album. Except for the intro song, there are plans to promote all six title tracks at the same time.

Because the Japanese source is vague about what this exactly means, it is unclear whether this willapply to the entire promotional period or just the SBS hour-long comeback specialIf Big Bang were indeed promoting all six tracks after the special, this wouldn’t mark the first time that YG Entertainment would be implementing this strategy for promotions: last autumn, 2NE1 promoted three tracks simultaneously as well.

Some potential weaknesses in this strategy include the greater amount of time and effort necessary for the promotions of six tracks over one, which includes different choreography sets (possibly leading to exhaustive practices), varying wardrobes and more, not to mention the immense amount of money that would be poured into multiple music videos. Furthermore, the equal investment & promotion distributed into six tracks makes it more difficult for each track to rank highly on music charts.

Also, while 2NE1 was able to balance the promotion of three tracks, there’s the possibility that bringing that number up to six may actually detract from promotions, as there would be too many choices to focus on (read more about the psychology here). While the idea may sound exciting, spreading the attention over so many tracks inevitably means less individual appreciation for each track.

Again, although the aforementioned source claims to contain a quote from a YGE representative, we remain skeptical that this has been truly verified and instead may have been the work of a few netizens. Either way, with Big Bang’s immense fame and source coupled with the hype building up for this comeback, we’re anticipating success from this group’s return on all fronts. Who can’t wait for Big Bang to be back?!

Source: allkpop | Shared by: sunbunss

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