Big Bang to promote only ONE title track~

Ahh, so it’s only one…

Debunking rumors about Big Bang making a comeback with a whopping six title tracks, YG Entertainment has asserted that the group will be promoting only one title track for their upcoming mini-album.

With eight days remaining until their great comeback, a representative of YG Entertainment confirmed on February 16th, “Big Bang’s album will only contain one title track.”

They continued, “Recently, YG artists have been coming out with more than two title tracks to allow their fans to listen to more songs. In Big Bang’s case however, though the album will be their first in two years, the group will be focusing on just one song in order to make it a big hit, just like their past songs “Lies” and “Haru Haru“.

The K-pop industry has been seeing many artists emerge from the studio with more than one title track for their albums. Considering how 2NE1 and GD&TOP kicked off their promotions with at least three songs each, many began to wonder whether YG Entertainment would carry on their trend for Big Bang’s highly-anticipated comeback.

YGE stated, “We’ve decided for Big Bang to carry on with just one title track, but we can’t yet reveal anyconcrete information about their title track yet.”

Source: Allkpop | shared by: sunbunss

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One thought on “Big Bang to promote only ONE title track~

  1. […] Entertainment had earlier announced that only one title track would be promoted, it looks like that track will be titled, Tonight, which was written and composed by […]

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