SNSD advertisements for Dior cosmetics~

Pretty, pretty, skin…

SNSD’s advertisements for Dior cosmetics have appeared in the March edition of ‘Allure‘!

Donning beautiful white dresses to promote ‘Dior Snow‘, a line of skin whitening solution products, members JessicaTiffanyHyoyeonSunny, Yuri, and Sooyoung appeared in the ads showing off their glowing skin.

YoonaSeohyun, and Taeyeon did not appear in the ads, as they are currently promoting othercosmetic brands. Yoona has endorsed ‘Innisfree‘, Seohyun ‘Clean and Clear‘, and Taeyeon ‘A-solution‘.

The girls are pictured with Dior products ranging from sun screen to eyeshadow, all designed to brighten one’s skin. Showing off their pale, dewy skin, the idols posed elegantly for the designer brand skincare.

Each member has also picked one product to promote personally. Tiffany picked UV Shield Invisible, while Jessica picked UV Shield Pearly White, and Yuri UV Shield BB Creme.

This is the first time that ads have appeared in a fashion magazine since it was announced that SNSD will be the spokesmodel for Dior cosmetics.

Check out the beautiful ads below:

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One thought on “SNSD advertisements for Dior cosmetics~

  1. […] week, six of the nine members of SNSD revealed their ‘Dior Snow‘ cosmetics advertisements that garnered a lot of attention due to their beautiful […]

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