SNSD models with Lady Dior tote bags for Cosmo~

SNSD goes ‘Dior’ once again from Cosmopolitan~!

SNSD’s Yuri, Jessica, Tiffany, Sooyoung, Sunny and Hyoyeon transformed into luxurious ‘Dior Girls’ for a recent photoshoot with “Cosmopolitan“.

The emphasis of the shoot was on the brand’s tote bags, and so each member was given a Lady Dior bag in a different color to showcase the bag’s versatility and ability to work with any outfit.

Hyoyeon commented, “I like matching the red bag – which also has a romantic chain – with sexy outfits.” Jessica added, “I like classic signatures as opposed to trendy styles.”

Sooyoung wore a casual outfit consisting of denim, while Sunny and Yuri showed off their beauty in a mini one-piece that’s very reminiscent of Hawaii. Tiffany was given a bag redder than Hyoyeon’s, which she matched to her watch.

Check out the rest of their shots in the March edition of “Cosmopolitan.”

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One thought on “SNSD models with Lady Dior tote bags for Cosmo~

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