Super Junior’s Leeteuk angers radio listeners~

Not the best move, Leeteuk…

Although I believe in Leeteuk, and am a true fan, this was a jerk move. Although he probably wasn’t trying to be harsh or mean, there are certain jokes you just can’t say.
*Siiiigh* I hope you don’t gain alot of antis over this. Don’t worry Teukie, I still love you! ^^

Some fans are frowning upon Super Junior’s Leeteuk’s harsh joke.

On February 22nd, KBS 2FM’s ‘Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio’ featured a K-pop in China special. In place of Eunhyuk, SHINee’s Key filled in to join Leeteuk as a host DJ. On this day, Kan Mi Yeon,miss A’s Jia and Fei appeared as special guests.

When the DJs asked Jia and Fei, “When will miss A come back,” the girls answered, “We’re still in preparation for that.” Leeteuk responded with, “I guess we’ll know more when the KBS 2 drama ‘Dream High‘ ends.” Then he suddenly exclaimed, “Suzy needs to lose weight first.”

After this statement, both Jia and Fei told Leeteuk to “knock it off”. Kan Mi Yeon also disapproved with what Leeteuk said, and he quickly tried to move on with a smile after saying he was just joking, but his comment angered many listeners.

Listeners expressed anger, saying, “That was too harsh for a joke,” “Think about how Suzy would feel when she hears it,” and “How could you ever tell a girl to lose weight, that’s so rude!”

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