4minute’s HyunA reveals comeback teaser~

Ooooh. First video teaser! O:

Following photo teasers yesterday, Cube Entertainment has ramped up the excitement with the unveiling of a forty-second video teaser for HyunA ahead of 4minute’s impending group comeback!

In the teaser, HyunA says, “When I turned 20, I thought that the whole world would become mine. My thought wasn’t wrong. The world is cheering at me. Is it waiting for me? Right now I’m just one whole world.” She stares at herself and kisses her reflection in the mirror, with eerie music playing in the background. The teaser concludes with the question, “Mirror, mirror, who’s the prettiest in the world?

Teasers of the other members will be released shortly, so stay tuned!

Source: allkpop | Shared by: sunbunss


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3 thoughts on “4minute’s HyunA reveals comeback teaser~

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