Big Bang tires netizens & others with their refusal to appear on Music Bank~

Oh, the DRAMA!

Although they apparently came to a compromise last month, KBS and Big Bang are at it again, as Big Bang was recently reported to have rejected an appearance on “Music Bank“.

A representative of a broadcast company shared with Newsen, “A day before their recording for ‘Music Bank,’ Big Bang told producers that they would not be appearing on the show because they were not a nominee for the ‘K-Chart‘.”

He continued, “Two weeks ago, Big Bang was promised a two-track stage, but after finding out that the ‘K-Chart’ nominees were TVXQ and K.Will, they suddenly changed their decision and said they would not be attending.”

As it turns out, representatives of YG Entertainment had indeed put up a notice for fans asking them to attend the pre-recording for Big Bang, but “Music Bank” later put up a notice saying that plans were canceled due to a personal reason from the artists’ end.

According to a majority of music and broadcast representatives, “Music Bank” had prepared a ’spring special’ with a bigger time slot. In order to make up for past controversies, “Music Bank” offered Big Bang a two-track stage, which YG had accepted. Unfortunately, a day before the recording was to be held, Big Bang called in saying that they would not be appearing, which representatives have interpreted to mean, “Aren’t they basically saying that they refuse to appear if they’re not a nominee for the ‘K-Chart’?”

YG Entertainment had tried to clarify that there “was a misunderstanding“, but the damage had already been done.

A representative of “Music Bank” replied, “We have nothing else left to say on matters regarding Big Bang’s ‘Music Bank’ appearance.’”

It’s not only KBS who’s frustrated by the turn of events, but industry and broadcast representatives as well. They reportedly lost their trust in YG and Big Bang because of this arrogant attitude, and many have concluded that it will be Big Bang who will lose ground should they “refuse to appear if they are not the best.”

One broadcast PD added, “Without any special reasons, the fact that they canceled a day before the recording was undeniably discourteous. KBS had given them a two-track stage, what does that make the producers then? After this, it’s going to be hard for them to be invited again, because nothing will ensure that this won’t happen again.”

Another industry representative stated, “YG Entertainment is too focused on winning. What fans want is the performance, not the win. There are fans who have been waiting for Big Bang’s comeback, but they haven’t been able to see as much of the group as they can because of the continued discord between YG Entertainment and broadcast companies. Both parties need to figure out the reason for the discord and reflect on what’s best, because there’s a big possibility that the fans will get tired of it and turn their backs.”

Source: Allkpop | Shared by: sunbunss

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