f(x)’s Amber releases comeback teaser photo~

Amber’s photo revealed!~

Yesterday, SM Entertainment made a surprise announcement regarding f(x)’s upcoming return to themusic scene.

It started with the release of a beautiful photo teaser from Krystal. The company stated that from April 7th to the 11th, the photo rotator on f(x)’s official website would be updated each day.

The 2nd official teaser reveals fellow member Amber, who’s finally stepped back into the spotlight after disappearing for months. Dressed to impress, she wore an eye-catching blue outfit, while rocking some funky footwear.

f(x)’s first studio album, ‘Pinocchio‘,  is currently set be released on April 20th, followed up with full-fledged promotions.

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One thought on “f(x)’s Amber releases comeback teaser photo~

  1. […] this week, f(x) members Krystal and Amber unveiled their photo teasers for their upcoming album, and it’s now Sulli’s […]

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