Happy birthday to Big Bang’s Taeyang~!

Saengil Chukha Hamnida Taeyang~!

Aigooo, guess who turned 23 today?! That’s right, the hottest male celebrity in the kpop world did~

Big Bang is by far one of the most successful boy bands right now, and I want to say that I probably enjoy your success just as much as you do. I’m also in love with your solo album, and songs. I mean, who doesn’t love Wedding Dress? I think most, if not all, girl (or guy) kpop lovers are, or have been in love with your beautiful voice in Wedding Dress. It’s my most listened to song on iTunes after Haru Haru. Haha, how interesting ;)

I hope you keep the good work up, and I LOVE YOU! Oh and please continue singing and making music. I’m shuuper glad that you guys survived the 5-year jinx! SARANGHAEEEEEE~!

Oh and, here’s an official birthday message from Taeyang himself! ;)

Through his YouTube and Facebook, Taeyang tweeted a video and commented in English, “Thank you for congratulating me. i’m turning into 23 and i’m getting worried a bit ;) haha.

He also wrote in Korean, “It’s already my 24th birthday:) Time flies so fast… Thank you so much for all of your support and love!! I miss you all~ I’ll see you after finishing our tour! Love you!”

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