Lee Min Ho says seatbelt and airbags saved his life~

That’s right kiddies. Buckle up!

On June 15th, actor Lee Min Ho thanked his fans for their concern over his health through his me2day. Lee, who was recently involved in a car accident, posted “I have safely returned as ‘City Hunter’ Lee Yoon Sung. Thank you for all your kind encouragement and support”.

He later expressed through his agency, “I’m sorry for having made so many people worry, and am thankful for all the kind support I have received. I’ve returned to film for the drama, and will work even harder to present everyone with a good performance”.

Speaking on his accident, Lee stated, “First and foremost, it’s a relief that no one received significant injuries from the accident. I was able to avoid a bigger accident thanks to the airbag and seatbelt”.

The accident occurred while Lee Min Ho was filming a car scene for the drama. His vision was obstructed by bright light from the lighting equipment, which caused him to crash into a sprinkler truck. He was immediately transported to a hospital, and thankfully did not receive any significant injuries.

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