[Review] City Hunter Episode 2~

Okay so, I got waaaay too lazy doing the recap thing every episode. So I’m just going to write fulll on reviews for the episodes that have been released up to date. Hehe.

Episode 2 is dramatically different from the theme of Episode 1. While Yoon Sung is still on the quest for revenge, a new character changes his life. Finally, we meet the soon-to-be object of his love, Kim Nana, played by Park Min Young.

But before that, things happen over the course of 7 years that we skipped in the end of Episode one. Surrogate Daddy built his drug empire from huts to Mansions and scores Yoon Sung a new identity: An American citizen from Texas. Yoon Sung gets accepted into MIT, and while Jin Pyo is handing him his new identity, he lays down the rules: Trust no one. Love no one. The moment your identity is revealed, you and those around you will be stained blood-red.

Total foreshadowing right? I predict that he will indeed fall in love, and trust a bunch of people. Then, he’ll give away his identity and BAM! Everyone dies. O=

ANYWAYS, 7 years later, we discover that Kim Nana’s father is in a coma, and has been for 10 years. She is behind on hospital bills (now she wishes she lived in Canada, doesn’t she?) and the doctor tries to convince Nana to just let him go.

We meet the now jerk-like Yoon Sung, the man on a mission, who has frequent dates with a female ‘escort’, or a girlfriend. Whatever. This escort however, is not for his full enjoyment, but she also happens to be the girlfriend of governor Lee Kyung Wan, one of the ill-fated government officials.

Yoon Sung and this drunk girlfriend are at a night club, and Yoon Sung talks on the phone to the ahjussi about someone who works many odd jobs, but mainly for a designated driver service. (ooooh, more foreshadowing)

As Yoon Sung and slutty escort date leave the club, BAM! History is made. The driver they called for arrives, and it’s none other than Kim Nana.

As they are about to drive away, we meet another important character: Prosecutor Kim Young Ju (who is dressed in nightclub clothes as part of an ‘undercover’ type thing). Prosecutor tries to stop the car, wanting a word with Yoon Sung’s date. Turns out he is also investigating Senator Lee Kyung Wan. But as he is dressed like a so called ‘punk’, and can’t seem to locate his ID, who wants to believe that he’s a prosecutor? Kim Nana jumps out of the car and tells him to get lost, flipping him on his back. This is the first time we see her signature Judo move. Harhar. Poor prosecutor.

And through a series of very coincidental events happening that very night which involves Nana leaving her cell phone in Yoon Sung’s car, Yoon Sung ends up paying for Nana’s father’s surgery, and Nana vows to pay him back. Thus, giving them more chances to meet.

Nana has passed the test as a body-guard in training for the Blue House, and Yoon Sung snaps up a job also at the Blue House. The two meet again on their first day at the job, when Yoon Sung accidentally walks into the bodyguard’s gym/training center type thingy. Yoon Sung is the golden boy of security systems with a PhD from MIT. Whooooa boy.

I won’t give away too much, because I realize i’m writing too much again. On the other hand, the second episode was tragically different than the first. It wasn’t as intense, but also foreshadows much more of events to come.

MAJOR FORESHADOWING: We meet the present South Korean president, and at this point, Yoon Sung doesn’t know that he’s is one of the council of five… Did I mention that Kim Nana is serving to protect the president? The president seems like the only kind one of the five,… and the only one with a conscience.

Other than that, Yoon Sung and Nana have their first kiss scene! Kim Nana and her partner, Shin Eun Ah, are assigned to guard the president’s bratty daughter, Choi Da Hye, (who is played by Goo Hara. HA. I’m not a big KARA fan, but gotta go Hara’s character. LOL) Da Hye has also taken a liking to Yoon Sung. MORE HA. Anyways, after a (rather annoying day at school – we learn that Da Hye doesn’t quite have the brightest drain), Da Hye suggests that they go and party at a club. The agents reluctantly agree and put on the clothes Da Hye throws them.

Coincidentally, it happens to be the same club where Yoon-sung is making time with the senator’s girlfriend, who asks if they’re going back to the hotel tonight. He asks why she hasn’t been running off to see her sponsor lately, and she tells him that they broke up. Or rather, that he changed his phone number and hasn’t called.

Damnit. That’d be because of his little break-in. Realizing that this lead is now cold, he unceremoniously dumps her too, just like that. She chases him out, trying to coax him back, which is when he sees Nana standing right in front of him.

Thinking on his feet, he grabs her in a kiss. Hot damn. Nana’s eyes bug out of her head and she stands there in shock (she does that a hell of a lot). The senator’s girlfriend gets a good slap in for his cheating ways and leaves.

And there you have it. The highlights of Episode 2. I may be missing some stuff, such as the part where we learn that the Senator is starving little children of their welfare money. tsktsk. such despicable human beings.

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