SM schedule leak may reveal Suju, SNSD, CSJH comebacks and more~


According to what seems to be a leak of SM Entertainment’s artist schedule, the public has gotten a glimpse of what may be Super JuniorSNSDTRAXCSJH the Grace, and the mysterious M-1 andM-3’s upcoming promotional activities for the remainder of 2011. Images have emerged on the internet capturing a draft schedule of SM Entertainment’s artist activities for the rest of the year. The screencaps originated from a KBS broadcast that happened to capture this private information on broadcast, leading attentive fans to freeze-frame the moment and examine the information themselves.

(click to enlarge)

As the screencaps are a little difficult to read, the information is organized here:


1st Album
Title: Danger
Date: 11.04.20

Title: (?)
Date: 11.05.25

Title: Hot Summer
Date: 11.06.20

CSJH The Grace

3rd Single
Title: V.I.P
Date: 11.07.13


1st Mini
Title: Shine
Date: 11.05.25

Title: England
Date: 11.06.24


1st Mini
Title: I’m in Love
Date: 11.06.15

Title: Give It To Me
Date: 11.07

1st Album
Title: (?)
Date: 11.10.13


3rd Mini
Title: Love Game
Date: 11.05.16

Super Junior

5th Album
Title: (?)
Date: 11.08.03

Title: (?)
Date: 11.09.07


3rd Album
Title: (?)
Date: 11.08.24

Title: (?)
Date: 11.10


Other KBS screencaps have also been gaining attention. For example, one (which has been confirmed to be outdated) suggested that SNSD would have a sub-unit of some sort, with Yuri as a possible leader. It was unclear whether this is would be an actual debut or a stage performance. Furthermore, since the cap was outdated, there is a high likelihood that those plans have been changed, so this image has been given little weight.

(click to enlarge)

– This information must be taken with a grain of salt, as some of the details already have conflicts (ie. Super Junior has a packed schedule for August and September) or inaccuracies (M-3 and M-1 didn’t debut on the scheduled dates), leading to the possibility that this is an outdated schedule and SM staff have since changed the date of these plans. However, unless drastic changes have been made, many fans anticipate that this depicts the general direction that SME will be taking for the rest of 2011. Again, as none of these rumors have been validated by SM Entertainment, fans should refrain from making any assumptions regarding this topic.

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