KBS receives harsh criticism for airing Korea’s first lesbian drama….


Seriously, why are Koreans so homophobic? It’s not that big of a deal… -.- I mean, HOW MANY OSCARS did Brokeback Mountain win? *ahem* A LOT.
Even Chinese and Japanese people are more lenient about LGBT’s. Maybe not as accepting as North America, some parts of Europe, etc. But better than this. And it’s quite disappointing that we’re living in the year  2011 and Korea has only now aired it’s first lesbian drama. Someone correct me, but has there been an actual Korean drama based on gay relationships? Personal taste left the gay guy lonely and centered around a boy-girl relationship. 

A new KBS drama called ‘Daughters of Club Bilitis‘ had viewers up in arms over the fact that it contained content relating to same-sex couples.

On August 7th, the drama premiered as Korea’s first ever lesbian one-act drama, illustrating the lives of three lesbian couples. The drama aimed to depict lesbian relationships across all generations, and thus tells the story of 50-year-olds Choi Ran and Choi Hyang Ja, 30-year-old career women Han Go Eun and Oh Se Jung, and high school students Jin Se Yeon and Ahn Ji Hyun.

The controversy began to brew when the drama was first picked up by KBS. Although it was confirmed for a midnight time slot, many were opposed to the idea of KBS even airing a lesbian-themed drama. In response, KBS rated the drama for 19 year olds and up.

Critics praised the drama for having “taken a detailed look into the lives of the LGBT [Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender] community and for accurately depicting their pain and obstacles.”

Some viewers, however, were skeptical. Even before the drama aired, netizens flooded the drama’s message board with posts strongly opposing its broadcast.

As of August 8th, comments like, “KBS needs to wake up from this illusion”, “This will negatively influence the youth”, and “This drama is a crime against humanity”, remain on the board.

Fortunately, other viewers have taken to their social networking services to defend the drama by praising, “The acting, directing, and script were all of high quality”, and “This is a brave attempt.”

A representative of the broadcasting industry said, “There are LGBT persons around us. Just because a drama is LGBT-themed does not mean that it’s meant to purposely be stimulating, yet people still view it through those lenses. Because KBS is a public broadcasting network, there remains obstacles on airing dramas of such content. Still, we hope that people will view the drama for what it is: a drama.”

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