SNSD confirms Korean comeback this September~

SNSD has confirmed their Korean comeback with their third official album next month!

*ahem* why do I feel like they are always here?

While taking part in the Hallyu wave over in Japan, the girls have been secretly working on their third album recordings. They’ve been balancing out a proper release date, and finally decided on September.

A representative revealed, “SNSD mentioned that they would be making their comeback this fall, but they’ve recently confirmed September as their comeback month. They’re still in the middle of recording, so they could adjust the date by a week or two.”

Fans will also be excited to hear that it won’t be a mini-album or a digital single, but a full fledged official album, their first in nearly a year and eight months.

Other entertainment labels are currently delaying comebacks and debuts in order to avoid direct competition. One representative said, “All the attention will be on SNSD anyway, so it’s useless to go head-to-head. On top of that, it’s an official album, so it’s likely that they will just sweep the charts.”

… Seriousy? That much fuss over SNSD… They’re not THAT great. Really. All they have is really good plastic surgery. Besides, none of them can sing except for Taeyeon. *sigh* someone needs to expose their lack of talent.
wow. I’m talking like an anti! Good for me. (But I’m not one… It’s too much effort to waste so much time hating on SNSD) 

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