Brown Eyed Girls confirms comeback this month~

It seems the rumors of a comeback have been factual as Brown Eyed Girls have just wrapped up their 4th album, and they are now reported to be readying themselves for a comeback. Their new album is slated for release on September 30th, and their new single will be revealed on the 16th.

Yipeeee~ I’ve missed them!

It’s been almost two years since Brown Eyed Girls have been active as a group. Their most recent single was “Sign“, released in October of 2009. Management agency Nega Network stated, “For songs like ‘Abracadabra‘ and ‘Sign‘, it took them 8 months to master for their comeback. It’s not the time to reveal the new concept, but we tried our best to make the songs at the level of ‘Abracadabra’ and ‘Sign’, it’s just now that we’re happy with the results.”

When asked how they felt about girl groups like SNSD and KARA making a comeback around the same time, Lance from the agency stated, “We heard that the best girl groups will be returning in September. This team helped start the girl group boom. Though the networks are saying that it would be a good idea to space out the comebacks, I want to see everyone on the same stage. With this new album, Brown Eyed Girls will be showing their best vocals, and will be a girl group that shows power.”

Representative Lance also mentioned that the Brown Eyed Girls have a significant foreign fan base, and they are revealing the comeback date now, in order to get the news out as soon as possible.

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