2PM’s first Arena Tour sells out in 1 minute~!

I-I-I-I wanna go =(

2PM has a lot to be happy about: the group is currently ranked first on the Japanese cellphone ring tone charts Chaku-Uta and Chaku-Movie with their third Japanese single “Ultra Lover“, which is also third on Oricon, and has made a record-breaking first place claim on Juyo Record Sharp. The boys now have even more reason to celebrate, as all 100,000 tickets for their first Arena Tour reportedly sold out in one minute!

2PM recently had their pre-concert show on November 5th, and will be adding three more concerts to their tour due to the rise in demand. JYP Japan opened 2PM’s first concert in Fukuoka on November 7th, and have scheduled nine concerts in total.

The group’s first full-length Japanese album ‘Republic of 2PM‘ was revealed on November 7th, and the reaction of Japanese fans has reportedly been nothing short of explosive. The album followed a ’50s and ’60s theme and had the members showing off their luxurious sides in a hotel setting, complete with props such as a limousine and helicopter. The twelve tracks (which include five brand new songs) in the upcoming album will include the Japanese version of “Hands Up” as well as “Hana Rete Etemo“, composed by Junsu for Japanese fans.

2PM also plans on celebrating their first year anniversary in Japan with the ‘2PM Japan Debut 1st Anniversary Event‘, which will be open to fans who will be chosen through unique IDs enclosed within the ‘Republic of 2PM’ album.

JYP Entertainment representative stated, “The Arena concert tickets selling out in 1 minute surprised not only the  Japanese branch, but the Korean branch as well. We want to send thanks to all the fans who love 2PM. 2PM as well as the agency will be doing our best to create the best concert possible.”

2PM’s current ’Ultra Lover’ album is currently being promoted in Japan, and the members will be returning to Korea on the 8th KST. The members will then fly to Jakarta for their Asia tour concert soon after.

Source: Allkpop | Sahred by: sunbunss

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