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2PM’s first Arena Tour sells out in 1 minute~!

I-I-I-I wanna go =(

2PM has a lot to be happy about: the group is currently ranked first on the Japanese cellphone ring tone charts Chaku-Uta and Chaku-Movie with their third Japanese single “Ultra Lover“, which is also third on Oricon, and has made a record-breaking first place claim on Juyo Record Sharp. The boys now have even more reason to celebrate, as all 100,000 tickets for their first Arena Tour reportedly sold out in one minute!

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Wonder Girls on their US venture and new album~!

I’ve missed them, and so glad they’re going to be back~ (L)

In 2008, the Wonder Girls knocked on the door of the U.S. market and embarked on a long journey of self-discovery and growth. Though they were top stars in Korea, the girls were forced to start from the very bottom again with street performances.

Fast forward three years later, and we see the Wonder Girls return to Korea with some solid achievements under their belts. They’ve placed 76th on the Billboard Chart and became the first Korean artists to rank on the world-famous music barometer. They also completed a successful U.S. Tour, and filmed a movie with TV network, Teen Nick.

Prior to the official release of their 2nd album, Continue reading

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‘SMTOWN Live in NYC’ concert in October?


Inside sources have informed allkpop that SM Entertainment is in the process of finalizing negotiations for an ‘SMTOWN Live in NYC‘ concert in October of this year.

The tentative date is set for around the 3rd week of October, and so long as there aren’t any major issues during the final planning and negotiation stage, fans can expect to see their favorite SM TOWN artists in New York City this October.

Source: Allkpop | Shared by: sunbunss

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Photos of TVXQ unwinding in Paris~!


Though they were busy preparing for two arduous days of concerts, it seems like the boys of TVXQmanaged to snag themselves a few days of rest and relaxation in Paris!

Yunho and Changmin were spotted in the streets around their hotel, and paparazzi shots caught them doing simple tourist activities, such as browsing for postcards, sitting down at a streetside cafe, and strolling through the streets of Paris.

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SNSD’s Yoona wows fans with pole dance….

Uh huh… *Hint* Skip to 3:07

SNSD’s YoonA is grabbing a lot of attention for her unconventional costume and pole dance.

A video of YoonA performing a sexy dance during one of SNSD’s Japanese concerts was recently uploaded onto the internet. In this footage, YoonA threw a provocative glare before dancing with the help of her back-up dancers. Fans went wild as the dancers ripped off YoonA’s pants during her performance, giving YoonA the opportunity to show off her gorgeous legs.

After seeing the video, netizens exclaimed, “In Korea, innocent YoonA. In Japan, sexy YoonA”, “It’s a horizontal pole dance”, “The outfit is more provocative than the dance”, and “YoonA has changed.”

Check out the clip of YoonA below!

Source: Allkpop | Shared by: sunbunss

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SNSD’s Sunny hospitalized during their Japanese Concert

AWE. Cute how she’s so sad =’)

Fans worldwide were shocked upon hearing that Sunny was hospitalized during SNSD’s Japanese concert in Saitama.

Reportedly, Sunny fainted during the concert and so she went straight to the hospital to recover.

One Japanese newspaper reported, “At the SNSD concert at the Saitama Super Arena on June 5th, Sunny fainted due to overwork and was moved to the hospital.”

After receiving treatment, Sunny demonstrated her fighting spirit by coming back directly for the encore stage. As she walked onto the stage, she cried and apologized to her fans for making them worry. Continue reading

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SNSD plans for a second solo concert~

Korea, China, Japan… But no North America once again =(

Are you ready, Sones? Iconic girl group SNSD will finally launch their second solo concert in Korea!

The girls will kick off their concert, the ‘2011 Girls’ Generation Tour‘, on July 23rd and 24th at the Seoul Olympic Stadium.

Ticket sales are scheduled to begin Continue reading

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SMTOWN LIVE heading to South Africa this year~!


Will SMTOWN be heading to South America this summer?

It has been revealed that a South American tour with SM Entertainment artists including BoATVXQ,Super JuniorSNSDSHINee, and f(x) is currently in the works. Continue reading

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SBS airs ‘The Big Bang Show’ for Big Bang’s comeback!

BAHAHA. This is why I love Big Bang ;)

Having announced an hour-long special for Big Bang’s comeback earlier, fans have been waiting patiently for the broadcast, and the moment has finally arrived!

YG has always done things differently, and for Big Bang’s grand comeback after a long hiatus, they have arranged for Big Bang to make their comeback through their concert, ‘Big Show 2011‘, this past weekend. Continue reading

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SBS to air hour-long Big Bang comeback special~!

A whole entire hour full of new Big Bang excitement~

Hehe, you know it’s a big deal when SBS decides to do a whole entire hour special on it. YAY FOR BIG BANG!

After confirming their official comeback plans yesterday, Big Bang will now be meeting with their fans through an hour-long SBS special called “Big Bang Comeback Show” on February 27th!

This is the first time a singer has been Continue reading

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