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Big Bang’s G-Dragon caught doing marijuana….

*sigh* them Koreans are becoming more like them Westerners.

It’s just been reported that Big Bang‘s leader G-Dragon has been caught by authorities for smoking marijuana.

We indicted G-Dragon on the charges of smoking marijuana,” said a representative for the Seoul police on October 5th.

According to investigators, G-Dragon had smoked marijuana sometime in the middle of May this year, and had taken a drug test in July. Although the results had come back negative with an initial urine test, further tests overturned that decision, and he had confessed at the time that he had been taking the drug at a Japanese club when he had visited the country for a concert.

“I smoked a cigarette that someone had given me at a club,” G-Dragon said. “The smell was somewhat different from that of a regular cigarette so I was slightly suspicious that it was marijuana, but it is true that I smoked it,” he said.

According to investigators, since the amount of marijuana was so small and G-Dragon had no prior offences, they decided to give him a warning.

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Heechul addresses netizens’ accusations regarding his military position~

*patpat* poor Heechul T^T

Super Junior‘s Kim Heechul recently addressed the accusations surrounding his position in the army as a ‘public service personnel’.

On September 14th, MBC‘s ‘Radio Star‘ aired a new episode featuring Kim Heechul, who explained why he wasn’t going to perform active duties like other Korean soldiers.

A public service personnel deals with public services, such as working at train stations and selling tickets or transporting goods for the military. It’s a fixed hourly job that doesn’t involve a lot of physical stress.

During this pre-recorded program, Yoon Jong Shin cautiously asked the idol, “There have Continue reading

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Lee Minho’s agency confirms that him and Park Min Young are dating~


It’s the quickest game of PR see-saw we’ve seen in a while, but it looks like the drama surrounding Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young’s relationship has finally come to an end. Lee Min Ho’s agency,  Continue reading

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‘Star King’ apologizes for distorting Muslims in its latest episode~

Tsk tsk tsk, biiiiig mistake. 

The production team of SBS’s ‘Star King‘ released an official apology for the controversy they caused over a depiction of Muslims during their August 13th broadcast.

On August 15th, the team wrote a letter titled “We are apologizing for our description about the Muslim culture“, which was uploaded onto the show’s official homepage.

The letter stated, “August 13th’s broadcast last week featured a segment called ‘18 year old girl from Saudi Arabia, Ruby’s dream’. While introducing the guest, some contents could’ve been viewed as if we were belittling Saudi Arabian religion and traditions. We apologize for our mistake.

The team also added, “We only wished to emphasize the guest’s desire for singing and did not have any intentions to belittle the Muslim culture. We will take extreme measures from now on so that we don’t bring about any further misunderstandings over our depictions and interpretations of different religions and cultures featured in our program.

August 13th’s broadcast of ‘Star King’ was swept up in a controversy after it aired footage of a man dressed as an Arab threatening MC Kang Ho Dong while holding a rifle. It was criticized widely among netizens for degrading the Muslim religion and culture.

The production team has meanwhile stopped the “replay service” for this particular episode for the time being so that the controversial contents can be edited out.

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SNSD’s Sunny explains her reaction to stage explosions

AWE. Never knew Sunny had such a past =|

SNSD’s Sunny surprised reaction by a sudden pyrotechnics explosion was caught on video and recently uploaded on a community board with the title, ‘Surprised by explosions, Sunny tries to calm down by sweeping down her chest‘.

The video was taken during a recent broadcasting stage and was brought to the attention of fans with the community board posting. In the video, when the pyrotechnics went off, Sunny seems to go into a brief state of shock Continue reading

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KBS receives harsh criticism for airing Korea’s first lesbian drama….


Seriously, why are Koreans so homophobic? It’s not that big of a deal… -.- I mean, HOW MANY OSCARS did Brokeback Mountain win? *ahem* A LOT.
Even Chinese and Japanese people are more lenient about LGBT’s. Maybe not as accepting as North America, some parts of Europe, etc. But better than this. And it’s quite disappointing that we’re living in the year  2011 and Korea has only now aired it’s first lesbian drama. Someone correct me, but has there been an actual Korean drama based on gay relationships? Personal taste left the gay guy lonely and centered around a boy-girl relationship. 

A new KBS drama called ‘Daughters of Club Bilitis‘ had viewers up in arms over the fact that it contained content relating to same-sex couples.

On August 7th, the drama premiered as Korea’s first ever lesbian one-act drama, illustrating the lives of three lesbian couples. The drama aimed to depict lesbian relationships across all generations, and thus tells the story of 50-year-olds Choi Ran and Choi Hyang Ja, 30-year-old career women Han Go Eun and Oh Se Jung, and high school students Jin Se Yeon and Ahn Ji Hyun. Continue reading

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UN’s Kim Jung Hoon charged with DUI…

LOL and I’m watching Goong right now too… tsktsktsk.

The lead actor of Goong went to jail, and he drives drunk. Man oh man.

Successful actor and singer, Kim Jung Hoon, was charged with DUI on August 1st according to the Seoul Kangnam police station.

According to the police, Kim Jung Hoon was drinking on July 30th at 10:40AM and had driven his Benz about 200m down the road. A passerby had called 112 after watching the actor/singer stumble into his car, intoxicated, and sit on the driver’s seat.

During the arrest, Kim Jung Hoon’s blood alcohol content level was examined to be well above the legal limit of 0.129%.

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SM schedule leak may reveal Suju, SNSD, CSJH comebacks and more~


According to what seems to be a leak of SM Entertainment’s artist schedule, the public has gotten a glimpse of what may be Super JuniorSNSDTRAXCSJH the Grace, and the mysterious M-1 andM-3’s upcoming promotional activities for the remainder of 2011. Images have emerged on the internet capturing a draft schedule of SM Entertainment’s artist activities for Continue reading

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Shin Se Kyung and SHINee’s Jonghyun broke up… poo. =(

Meh. It’s not like they were all lovey =(

Actress Shin Se Kyung and SHINee’s Jonghyun have gone their separate ways.

According to Shin Se Kyung’s agency on June 20th, Shin Se Kyung and Jonghyun are no longer dating, but are instead continuing their relationship as friends. The star couple raised the hopes of many as the new generation’s star couple, and the news of their separation has saddened many fans, though there are surely those that are now rejoicing over their favorite star’s single status.

The representative stated, “Though the two had good feelings for each other, after the news of their relationship was made known, the two were so busy with their schedules that it became difficult for them to meet and spend time together. Recently, they naturally decided to stay friends.

Another representative revealed, “I think it was hard for them to make time for each other, as each had very different schedules to complete. They said they decided to stay good friends.

Since last October, when their dating pictures were first released, Jonghyun has been going in and out of the country for a variety of concerts and Shin Se Kyung has been busy filming for her movies.

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After School’s Bekah to graduate from the group~

Adios Bekah! I wish I could go to Haiwaii =(

After School’s Bekah has announced that she will be departing from the group.

As fans already know, After School debuted with an ‘admissions and graduation’ concept. Although they’ve had several new additions over the Continue reading

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