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Wonder Girls release ‘Be My Baby’ MV & WONDER WORLD Album~

I was expecting to burst into Single Ladies. LOL

JYP Entertainment has finally dropped the Wonder Girls‘ full album today!

Produced by J.Y. ParkWonder World” is the Wonder Girls’ second-ever studio album, following 2007′s “The Wonder Years” and various singles Continue reading

City Hunter ending…

So, I finished City Hunter a couple weeks ago. And I was too flabbergasted to talk about it until now. WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. I think I’ll just jump into a well and never come back.

This is definitely a tragedy. The most intense, tragic ending ever. I never even got teary throughout the whole drama until the last episode where I cried a river that over flowed and flooded the whole earth. TTTT^TTTT.

I think I should write a tribute to all those who died:

Prosecutor Kim Young Joo

Screw you. WHY is your ego so big? WOULD IT KILL YOU TO CALL FOR BACK UP?! HUH?! You’re so stupid. You’re the first person in this drama to make me shed tears. Wahhhhhhhhhh~ You and Sae Hee were going to live happily ever after. DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY HEARTS YOU BROKE?! BUT I LOVE YOU PROSECUTOR~

Cheon Jae Man

Selfish bastard. I hope you feel guilty, and realize that everything that went wrong in the end of the drama was YOUR FAULT. You killed Kim Young Joo. WHY HIM? WHY WHY WHY WHY?! He was innocent. Evil coward. I’m glad Jin Pyo slaughtered you. I hate you. You ruined everything.

Lee Jin Pyo

I didn't want to ruin too much. But this was the only decent photo I could find of Jin Pyo.

I hate you too. But you’re a very brave and courageous man… Although you kinda killed Young Joo too. You brought him into a trap. You lied to Yoon Sung. You’re quite heartless. But in end, you didn’t fail me. I’m proud of you. But you totally could’ve avoided dying. Why is it in dramas that the villains always turn good AFTER being shot? =.=

Lee Yoon Sung

(Just kidding) But he might as well have been dead to me.

Kim Nana’s parents

Yeah… her Dad died in the end. Wasn’t impressed. At. All.

Senators Lee Kyung Wan and Seo Yong Hak

There’s not much to say about you guys. Except that you deserved to die. ALL OF YOU >=(

The little piece of my heart

….that hoped to see a love scene between Yoon Sung and Nana. TTT^TTT

But this is the closest thing. I shall savor it forever =)



After weeks of waiting, Super Junior’s “Mr. Simple” has finally been revealed!

As we patiently wait for the MV, check out the some of the select tracks below and remember Continue reading

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Super Junior magically appeared on the earth again…


. During the few weeks where I was internet and kpop deprived. T^T


Super Junior will be making a comeback after a year and two months!

The comeback date for their 5th album is set for August 3rd and individual teaser images of the members will be released sequentially from the 20th. Out of the 13 members, SM has Continue reading

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Happy Birthday to Lee Minho~!

OHEMGEE. he is my one love in life right now, and I’m so glad that his birthday happens to be today (L)

So uhh, basically, my ovaries burst whenever I look at this picture <3 Happy freaking birthday my beloved Minho~ you’re 24 todaiii. or 25 in korean age. SARANGHAEEEE~ <3

f(x) releases “Hot Summer” MV Teaser~

It’s a bit too… HAPPY. But then again, they always all are~

Girl group f(x) have recently excited fans with the release of their new teaser video!

f(x) revealed the teaser video for their follow-up track “Hot Summer” through both their official homepage and SM Entertainment’s YouTube channel on June 13th.

“Hot Summer” is a dance pop track with an intense synthesized sound and beat, telling the story of girls who find romance in the days of summer. Fans have meanwhile pointed out that the song is likely to be a Korean remake of the  Continue reading

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2PM & Eunjung for ‘Look Optical’~

AWES. That’s cute =)

The beastly 2PM boys and T-ara’s Eunjung recently unearthed their stylish inner geeks for a Look Optical CF.

The TV ad begins with Nichkhun fretting over his first date with Eunjung.

He then proceeds to choose the appropriate ‘face’ for the date and wears an appealing pair of glasses. According to the boys, ‘a pair of glasses make up the face’.

The CF definitely hammers home the message, ‘Be sure to lock down the right first impression on your very first date by wearing the ‘right’ pair of glasses’.

Source: Allkpop | Shared by: sunbunss

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What are the hottest song of the 2000’s? (According to Melon…)

Mmmmkay. so I DEFFSS do NOT agree with this list. SERIOUSLY.

Melon, a beloved source for Korean music, just released its list of top songs of the last decade from 2000 – 2010. Still, it’s valuable information and I bet there are people fighting on the forums right at this moment over how their favorite artist is over or underrated on this chart. Anyway, the chart showed some recognizable trends and varieties, which we will examine after the cut. Continue reading

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Big Bang drops $200k in production for “Love Story” MV~

Cost doesn’t matter, cause they’ll earn it back in a second ;)

Big Bang has reported that they’ve spent over $200,000 USD on the production for their upcoming music video, “Love Song.”

Each individual scene was said to have been recorded for the entire duration of the song’s length. Not only that, but YG Entertainment also brought in a ‘4 point wire cam’ that has never once been used in Korea, which allows them to film footage that previously required outside graphic programs.

Other equipment used include aviation shooting, a jimmyjib, a motion control camera, a remote head crane, flying cams, and steady cams, all of which is usually only used for Hollywood films and Olympic relays.

The boys also left the restrictions of a studio by directly heading to the empty fields of an island for their backdrop, and will even be constructing their own two-lane road.

Source: Allkpop | Shared by: sunbunss

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YG Entertainment confirms Big Bang’s comeback date~

So it’s a mini album! *gasp*

Big Bang’s comeback date has been finalized!

On February 14th, YG Entertainment revealed Big Bang’s comeback date through their official website.

According to the agency, Big Bang is having a comeback on February 24th by releasing a mini album, as rumors suggested. Big Bang’s comeback is the one of the most anticipated comebacks of the year and is expected to have a big impact on Continue reading

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