Playful Kiss – Episode 11 review~

A REALLY REALLY DETAILED RECAP OF EPISODE 11! ( I apologize for being so late)


Beginning: the episode starts with Ha Ni and Seung Jo asleep in Seung Jo’s bed. Ha Ni has ‘bad sleeping habits’ according to Seung Jo. LOLLL. Ha Ni constantly tosses and turns, wraps her leg over him, hits him in the face with her arm, etc. Seung Jo is annoyed, cause he can’t sleep. And after Ha Ni starts talking in her sleep, Seung Jo gives up. Honestly, even tho Seung Jo seemed kinda pissed, I thought it was super cutee. The couple’s first night together! ^^ Ha-ni awakens slowly, remembering happily that she and Seung-jo slept in the same bed. Eyes still closed, she reaches out to feel for him, but he’s already up and a little disgruntled as he tells her about her horrible sleep habits.

Breakfast is somewhat a cute home scene; I thought they looked like a married couple. Seung Jo acts nonchalant about them eating together, perfectly comfortable, which brings me to think that one day, their relationship will have reached this point, where breakfast together is a comfortable occurrence. Ha Ni on the other hand, plays the giddy newly wed. She even picks out a red checkered shirt for him to wear, and of course, he dismisses her choice and wears something else. But no need to worry – that shirt makes another appearance sooner or later~ ;)


OMO. I LOVE SEUNGJO’S MOTHER! Why would she do that to her son?? When the two arrive at school, their attention rests upon a crowd gathered around a sign. The sign read: “Baek Seung-jo at last ♥ Oh Ha-ni. They spent a night of love together! Oh! Ha-ni will definitely be wearing the same clothes as yesterday!” Of course, this was all of Seung Jo’s mother’s doing. In order to watch people’s’ reactions to the sign, Seung Jo’s mom disguises herself as a college nerd. Seung Jo sees right through the disguise and pulls her aside to tell her to stop meddling in his affairs.


The school talks more than ever, but Ha Ni kills the buzz by simply stating the truth – nothing happened. Even Hae Ra seems to be uncertain about the rumours. Seung Jo puts her insecurities to rest by saying that she knows nothing happened between him and Ha Ni. I wish he’d just let her drown in her insecurity and jealousy. But on the bright side, he said those words without a second glance up at her.


Hey, Remember those chocolates Ha Ni made to give to Seung Jo? Those chocolates that were the reason for her to show up at the restaurant soaking wet? Well, I had thought they’d just disappeared. But such a thing does now happen in an Idol Drama. Back at home, Seung Jo discovers the box of chocolates, opens the box and reads her cute handwritten note. He smiles to himself and takes a bite, and (as we should know by now) they taste horrible and he spits them out. But alas, our dear unfeeling Seung Jo is starting to appreciate Ha Ni’s hard work, and the audience gets to hear a rare Seung  Jo laugh.


Ha Ni is in study mode once again. For her upcoming exams, she decides to only study for english. Because obviously, it’s the subject she has in common with Seung Jo. She spends sleepless nights brooding over the subject. When she shows up on exam day, Seung Jo takes notice of her dreary expression with some worry. Hae Ra is back to her cocky self, and falls into her habit of making insults in a fake cheery voice, saying that the english exam is famous for being hard, and that maybe Ha Ni ought to just give up and repeat the class next year.


During the first half of the exam, Ha Ni stares dreamily at Seung Jo, marveling at how handsome he looks while in concentration. Then, to her surprise (and to mine too), he turns around and swaps her blank paper with his finished one. Not only did he just do a nice thing, he also flashes her a smile. Hae Ra turns around, with a priceless expression. This moment was too good to be true… Maybe it was. This bit was a little confusing; and I’m starting think that this was all Ha Ni’s imagination; because near the end of the exam, when Seung Jo and Hae Ra leave early because they’re just too good at english to stay for the whole exam, Hae Ra throws another mocking comment at Ha Ni by saying that Ha Ni should start filling in her blank paper since there’s only 15 minutes left, also adding that Ha Ni wouldn’t want to repeat the class again, would she?

Boo Joong Gu is devastated at the latest progress between Seung Jo and Ha Ni. He pulls Ha Ni aside and starts this long speech about his feelings, not knowing that she has fallen asleep. Poor Joon Gu! Ha Ni’s trusty friends inform Joon Gu that nothing happened between them that night.


WOW. Another boy comes into the picture?! A strange new student comes up to Ha Ni during tennis practise and asks her (well, more like declares) to go steady with him. Boy was she shocked. This new boy is Kim Ki Tae. A Sunbae of Ha Ni’s. He announces that he’s been watching her since high school and knows much about her and Seung Jo but is going for her anyways. He asks her out on a weekend date. Ha Ni is giddy with the attention of course. Her friends hurry to tell Seung Jo – who seems to be back to his robo-self and responds with ‘So What?’….. *sigh*


Later, Ki Tae reveals more about himself. He explains that in the beginning, he was provoked by Seung Jo, a hoobae who does everything so well. But in the process of his rivalry with Seung Jo, he started to notice Ha Ni – who always seemed to be following Seung Jo around. He says that he finds her tenacity attractive. Ki Tae treats her with friendly interest. And with motions that seem totally natural and habitual, his arm finds a place over her shoulders. Ha Ni stiffens and moves away every time, still occupying her heart with Seung Jo.

Seung Jo’s mom is devastated, and broods over the potential failure of the Seung Jo – Ha Ni relationship. Ha Ni assures her to not worry, for she’s only interested in Seung Jo. Mom and Ha Ni devise a mini-plan to make Seung Jo jealous, sort of using Ki Tae as bait. (Poor Ki Tae) I had a feeling that maybe Ki Tae will find out and be extremely hurt by it.


Hae Ra has been looking into the whole situation and is delighted by the fact that Ha Ni has a new pursuer. She urges Ha Ni to date Ki Tae. Seung Jo joins in, claiming that one person’s trash is another person’s treasure. Ha Ni being Seung Jo’s trash, and Ki tae’s treasure. OUCH. Ha Ni is irritated by his retorts, and starts praising Ki Tae and talks about how great he is. Coincidently, this is when Ki Tae arrives and hears her praise. Ki Tae asks Seung Jo for ‘permission’ to take Ha Ni away. Seung Jo is indifferent, saying that she’s not his, so he really doesn’t care. Stung by his words, Ha Ni decides she might as well date Ki Tae; using the words ‘have an affair’, as if she’s cheating on him. Bahaha. Way to fight, Ha Ni~


Ha Ni shows up at the restaurant for her date with Ki Tae; totally unexpected to Seung Jo, who thinks that she’s just gonna spend another day ‘keeping and eye’ on him. As Ki Tae shows up, Seung Jo’s expressions flickers to a look of surprise before returning back into his robo-boy act. Ha Ni acts all giddy and sweet with Ki Tae whenever Seung Jo is waiting on them, or near their table. When Seung Jo leaves their table, unaffected by Ha Ni’s actions, she drops the happy act. After the restaurant, the two go on an ideal date together. Ha Ni confesses that she is truly enjoying herself… hinting along the way that she doesn’t exactly have feelings for him. After discovering that Ha Ni’s crush on Seung Jo has been 4 years long already, he tells her that he doesn’t expect her to forget Seung Jo so quickly, and that he’ll wait for her. AWE! for a second there, I was on team Kim Ki Tae, rooting for Ha Ni and him to be together. But nahh, I’m loyal to team Seung Jo.. if only he’ll throw away his stupid pride and face his feelings. >


While spying on Seung Jo studying at the library, Ha Ni reaches the conclusion that she cannot continue this way… She must break up with Ki Tae. Of course, this is when he shows up (and decides to become bold),   pulls her aside and taking the same stance as Seung Jo did the night he kissed her, he decides to plant one on her. As predicted: at the last second Ha Ni squeals ‘NO!’ Boo Joon Gu shows up (I was wondering when he would show up creating a fuss) and punches Ki Tae, sparking a fight between the two. THENN, as far as coincidences can go, Seung Jo notices the fight and breaks it up, declaring that he will always be the only one Ha Ni likes. He grabs her hand drags her out of the building. OBVIOUSLY, as plain as can be, he is jealous. But when Ha Ni brings the word up, he smooths over his short lapse of emotion and simply says that he knows what mom and Ha Ni are trying to do, and tells them to cut it out. *SIGHH*

They all have dinner at home that night, and a serious conversation takes place between Seung Jo and his father regarding his future. Seung Jo responds to his father’s pleads to take over his gaming company by curtly stating that his dad has decided his future for him, without asking for any input from himself. Seung Jo leaves the house angrily, and disappears for a while, (he quits his restaurant job and stops coming to tennis club).


Tipped off by Kyung Soo, Ha Ni (along with Eun Jo) and Hae Ra show up to Seung Jo’s new job – grounds keeping for a mountain villa. Seung isn’t please, even more when Hae Ra shows up. (HA!) Kyung Soo proposes an idea to Ha Ni: they will team up to keep Seung Jo and Hae Ra apart. Kyung Soo organizes couple games; partners himself up with Hae Ra. Of course, Seung Jo sits out of the game, leaving Ha Ni and a reluctant Eun Jo to be partners. The game is a scavenger hunt in the mountain forest…. bad idea. Each of our leading couples get lost: Kyung Soo and Hae Ra make it back before dark, with Hae Ra supporting a Kyung Soo on the verge of collapse.


Eun Jo and Ha Ni get lost and stay lost way past sunset. Seung Jo goes looking for them. Meanwhile, Joon Gu has been following Ha Ni and knows that she is in trouble, but at the same time, gets lost in the forest himself. While being stuck in the wilderness together, Eun Jo and Ha Ni grow closer, taking care of one another. Seung Jo saves them first, and then goes back to find and save Joon Gu.


The next morning, Ha Ni goes for a morning walk and takes a seat on a bench. Seung Jo comes into the picture:  he tells her, “You should’ve come alone.” He points out, “I thought you liked me and all that. Don’t you know how I feel?”  She starts to say, “I know you wouldn’t think of someone like me…” He stops her by putting a hand on her shoulder, and then — OMO OMO! — leans down to kiss her.

Only, it’s too good to be true. She wakes up from a dream,  But something feels a little different, and she touches a finger to her mouth as she muses, “Still, somehow my lips feel…” The camera pans away to reveal Eun-jo, standing at a distance, reacting in shock to something he perhaps didn’t expect to see… *GASPS*

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