Birth Name: Lee Donghae (이동해)
Nicknames: Fishy, East Sea (Literall meaning of ‘DongHae’)
Born: October 15th, 1986 (age 24)
Born in: Mokpo, Jeollanam, South Korea
Height: 175cm
Weight: 60kg
Position: one of the four lead dancers in Super Junior
Super Junior Subgroup(s): Super Junior-M
Specialty: dancing, sports (soccer)

Has anyone heard Donghae’s story before?

Donghae’s father has always wanted Donghae to be a singer, although Donghae himself wanted to be a soccer player. In order to fulfill his father’s dream, Donghae successfully signed a contract with SM Entertainment in 2001 soon after he jointly won the Best Outward Appearance award with future band mate Sungmin on the company’s third annual SM Youth Best Contest. After years of training, when Donghae finally debuted and finally recieved this paycheck, he travelled back home to give it to his parents. This was his first time home after entering SM because trainees were not given time off to visit family. When Donghae arrived at home, he was told that his had become critically ill while he was training, and no one had called to tell him. Later it was revealed that Donghae’s father had told leader Leeteuk during a parent-member meeting to take care of Donghae for him, because he had been diagnosed with cancer. He also told Leeteuk not to tell Donghae. His father passed away on August 6th, 2006.
So, this is Donghae’s sad, tragic story. Leeteuk revealed his part of the story during an episode of MBC’s Let’s Sleep Here Tonight. Unfortunately, the episode is not on Youtube, but here is an article on it:

~More Coming Soon~

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