Birth Name: Park Jung Su
Stage Name: Leeteuk / Eeteuk (meaning special)
Nicknames: Teukie, Angel, Angleteuk, (he refers to himself as an angel)
Born: July 1st, 1983 (age 27)
Born In: Seoul, South Korea
Height: 178 cm
Weight: 59kg
Position: Leader
Super Junior Subgroup(s): Super Junior T, Super Junior Happy
Specialty: Piano, Composition, Singing

Leeteuk’s story:

If you’re a straight out ELF like me, you’ll obviously know about the Super Junior car accident where Kyuhyun almost lost his life. But if you don’t, you’ll hear Leeteuk’s part in the accident too. Although maknae Kyuhyun was injured the most in the accident, Leeteuk sustained serious injuries as well. He had glass shards embedded all around his back and above his eyes. He needed a total of 170 stitches to remove them.

Before help arrived, Leeteuk went over to Kyuhyun to make sure he was alright, but because of the glass in his body, he could not get very far. When the police and ambulances arrived on site, the EMT’s went to Leeteuk first as they saw that he was bleeding the most. But Leeteuk knew that Kyuhyun was unconscious and had suffered more severe injuries. So he told them to attend to Kyuyhun first, who had a fractured hip, broken ribs, a punctured lung, and was mute due to shock. Some say this act probably saved Kyuhyun’s life… Or we’d all like to believe that our idol is an amazing hero. Either way, Leeteuk did something selfless. ;)

AWEEEEE, my teukie is such a nice hyung to all the members! ^^

2 thoughts on “Leeteuk

  1. T.U.Y says:

    Lee Teuk Is Cute Leader His fantastic …..
    Be fantastic leader 4 Ever

  2. its so cool number 1 fan ako

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