Birth Name: Kim Jong Woon
Stage Name: Yesung (meaning ‘art-like voice)
Nicknames: Cloud, Rabid Dog (by Heechul)
Born: August 24th, 1984 (age 26)
Born In: Cheonan, South Chungcheong, South Korea
Height: 178cm
Weight: 64kg
Position: One of the 3 lead volcalists
Super Junior Subgroup(s): Super Junior K.R.Y., Super Junior Happy
Specialty: Singing, excersize

Yesung’s Story:

When growing up, Yesung always had a passion for singing. He entered many singing competitions and won first place many times. It was his dream to become a singer one day. However, at first, his dad disapproved of this career, as it was not very practical, but his mom always supported him. Yesung’s family lived in the countryside and did not have very much money, so he was always afraid to venture out to the big city alone in order to audition. In 2001, Yesung’s mom signed him up to audition for SM’s Starlight Casting System without telling him. I guess eventually, his mom put him a train and took him to the audition. Of course, Yesung impressed the judges with his ‘artistic voice’ and was accepted. Frequently in interviews, Yesung mentions his mother and is very thankful towards her. He says that the only reason he is where he is, is because of his mother.

One thought on “Yesung

  1. Yuri Yesung says:

    i love y with all my heart yesung oppa^_^ ~faitiiiiiing~

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