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Brown Eyed Girls release ‘Sixth Sense’ MV~!

OMG. I love this mv~

After dropping their 4th album, “Sixth Sense” earlier today, the Brown Eyed Girls have now revealed the MV for their title track, “Sixth Sense”.

Turning into fierce revolutionaries, the ladies have managed to stun us all once again with a daring and fresh concept.

Check out the MV below, and be sure to tune in for the girls’ comeback stage  on September 24th’s episode of MBC‘s ‘Show! Music Core‘!

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Brown Eyed Girls release new single “Hot Shot”~

I missed my Brown Eyes 8)

Fans have been waiting over a year for their return, and this four-member girl group made their comeback with a ferocity that’ll be hard to rival!

The Brown Eyed Girls have just released their new single, “Hot Shot“, a smooth track that showcases their improved vocals while retaining that characteristic sass.

These ladies trashed numerous drafts to make sure that their 4th album would be nothing less than deeply satisfying, and if this single is any indication, we’re sure that they delivered.

The Brown Eyed Girls will be releasing their 4th album on Continue reading

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Brown Eyed Girls confirms comeback this month~

It seems the rumors of a comeback have been factual as Brown Eyed Girls have just wrapped up their 4th album, and they are now reported to be readying themselves for a comeback. Their new album is slated for release on September 30th, and their new single will be revealed on the 16th.

Yipeeee~ I’ve missed them!

It’s been almost two years since Brown Eyed Girls have been active as a group. Their most recent single was “Sign“, released in October of 2009. Management agency Nega Network stated, “For songs like ‘Abracadabra‘ and ‘Sign‘, it took them 8 months to master for their comeback. It’s not the time to reveal the new concept, but we tried our best to make the songs at the level of ‘Abracadabra’ and ‘Sign’, it’s Continue reading

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Jokwon and Ga-In say their goodbyes on ‘We Got Married’~

BYEBYE to the Adam Couple~ *sniff sniff* T^T

WAHHHH, I think I’m going to start crying ='(

On January 15th, during this week’s episode of MBC’s “We Got Married“, 2AM’s Jo Kwon andBrown Eyed Girls’ Ga-In shed tears as they talked about the memories they shared during their time on the show.

This week’s episode featured the couple’s five-minute guest appearance on MBC’s radio show, “Shindong & Park Gyuri’s ShimShimTaPa”, where they exclusively announced their leave from the show for their last ever ‘couple’ mission.

Ga-In first broke the news of the “Adam Couple” virtual marriage coming to an end in tears, which led to Kwon also shedding tears of his own while expressing his thoughts about their leave.

During their interview, the couple stated, Continue reading

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What eyeliner means to BEG’s Ga-In~

Eyeliner: Ga-In’s secret weapon?;

Some interesting news regarding Ga-In’s eyeliner. Not gonna lie tho, she looks good with eyeliner =] It suits her. She has those eyes that suit eyeliner, and others don’t. Like me. x) 
I guess everyone has their signature, and eyeliner happens to be Ga-In’s~

Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga-in recently revealed her thoughts about the use of excessive eyeliner for her performances.

The October 30th episode of KBS2TV’s Entertainment Weekly featured the hosts going on a guerilla date with the singer. After asking her, “What does eyeliner mean to you?”, she answered, “Eyeliner means a lot to me. It’s for my job, it also helps me raise my self-esteem, it helps in everything.”

She then revealed her eyeliner techniques, stating, “You just make the tail long and just scribble everything in really dark.”

Ga-in also revealed the reason on why she performs bare-feet for her “Irreversible” performances by stating, “We planned to perform bare-feet just for the comeback stage. However, it gained much attention so we decided to go bare-feet every time.”

Source: Allkpop | Shared by: sunbunss^^

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SHINee and 2NE1 win Mutizens on Inkigayo, plus other performances~

source: Allkpop

SBS’s Inkigayo has once again returned with their weekly broadcast of anticipated performances.

Noteworthy performances included the comebacks of 2PM, miss A, Younha, U-Kiss and Nine Muses, the solo debut of Brown Eyed GirlsGa-In, as well as BoA and Son Dambi’s goodbye stages.

Due to a live baseball game broadcast, Inkigayo was canceled last week. But 2NE1 was on hand to receive their belated Mutizen award (for ‘Go Away‘). 2NE1 also made history with this 4th consecutive win since Inkigayo implemented the 3 wins rule. The 3 earlier wins was for ‘Can’t Nobody’ and this 4th consecutive win was made possible since it was for ‘Go Away’. Congratulations to them.

For this week, the seven nominees of ‘Take 7‘ were SHINee (‘Hello’), B2ST (‘Soom’), miss A (‘Breathe’), 2NE1 (‘Go Away’, ‘Clap Your Hands’), BoA (‘Copy & Paste’), and Supreme Team (‘Then Then Then’). Supreme Team were not able to perform today due to conflicting schedules.

In the end, the winner of today’s Mutizen award was SHINee, with their song ‘Hello’. This was their 3rd Mutizen for their promotions after 2 wins for ‘Lucifer’ previously!

Check out the take 7 performances on Allkpop.com =)

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Ga-In holds a surprise birthday event for hubby Jo Kwon~

On this week’s ‘We Got Married‘, Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga-In held a surprise birthday event for her ‘husband’, 2AM’s Jo Kwon.

During the episode, after successfully deceiving Kwon, Ga-In entered the room with a birthday cake and completely surprised Kwon.

After Ga-In sang him ‘Happy Birthday’, Jo Kwon revealed his usual playful manner as he dunked his hand into the cream and smothered it in Ga-In’s face, teasing, “Wanna kiss?” and “Try lick your face.” Ga-In retaliated by smothering his face with the cake.

During the interview with the producers, Jo Kwon told them, “I’m not usually the type to be able to express my feelings well when I’m moved by something. If a reaction did come out during those kinds of situations, then it was just acting.”

He continued to explain, “When I looked at Ga-In, instead of a wife, she felt like my girlfriend.”

Meanwhile Ga-In commented, “I think at the time, Jo Kwon’s expression was the same throughout. He’s always laughing. Laughing even when I smothered him with cake… If we separated, I will probably only remember his laughter.”

source: Allkpop

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Ga-In’s “Irreversible” revealed~

Many Brown Eyed Girls fans have been eagerly anticipating the arrival of member Ga-In’s solo debut, and the wait is now over.

For the past week, Ga-In has been releasing various teasers for ‘Irreversible’ and the track along with the EP ‘Step 2/4′ has finally been released.

The track sounds pretty hot, a pretty solid track for her first solo effort. Keep an eye out for the MV, it was filmed in the middle of an Australian desert and trained very hard for the choreography. Ga-In is also scheduled to make her comeback performance on October 8th’s Music Bank. Remember to support the artist by purchasing the music.

The beginning is kind of weird, I must say. But as the song goes on, it gives us an exotic sort of feel, doesn’t it? Idk what the lyrics mean… so I’m not in position to judge. LOL


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Ga In’s second MV Teaser for Irreversible Revealed~

The highly anticipated track and music video for Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga-in’s solo track ‘Irreversible‘ is looming near, and her second MV teaser has just been released, after her first one just the other day.

This teaser has much more density than her first, and you can even see a bit of her acting in the musical-themed music video. In the scene, she talks to a man walking away from her, and says to him, “I guess you didn’t know… I’m more stupid than you think.”

Ga-in looks gorgeous in the music video, check it out yourself!


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Teaser for Ga-In’s solo track ‘Irreversible’~

Many Brown Eyed Girls fans have been eagerly anticipating the arrival of member Ga-In’s solo debut, and it looks the wait is over!  A quick tease of her upcoming track, “Irreversible“, has been released!

On last night’s episode of SBS’s ‘Inkigayo‘, viewers got a nice little surprise, as the teaser aired during the broadcast of the live music show.  It has been reported that Ga-in’s mini-album is set to be released in the second week of October.

Though the teaser doesn’t really reveal much, it’s still exciting to know that her solo debut is just around the river bend.

Check it out below!

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