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YG Entertainment’s entrance into KOSDAQ & 3 new idol groups in the making?!~

Ummm. OH WOW. YG’s getting bigger and bigger~

Do any of you guys watch Terry He on Youtube? Well, 2 members of his old boy band thingy, Brian Kan and Don Lee, left in 2010 to become trainees at YG. I wonder if they’re debuting soon.

One of Korea’s top agencies, YG Entertainment, will finally be listed on the independent Korean stock market, KOSDAQ (the Korean counterpart to the American NASDAQ).

YG Entertainment’s application to enter KOSDAQ has been pending for a while now, and it was finally approved earlier this year. This new announcement states that their stocks will be listed on the market starting on November 23rd.

In light of such a big development, YG Entertainment held a press conference on November 8th and revealed their plans after entering KOSDAQ.

With top artists like Big Bang, 2NE1, Se7en, Gummy, Psy, Tablo, Yoo In Na, Jung Hye Young, and more under its label, YG Entertainment brought in approximately $40 million USD last year in sales, $9.2 million in operating profit, and $8.75 million in net profit. In the first half of 2011, they also recorded strong figures with $39.9 million in sales, $8.6 million in operating profit, and $6.4 million in net profit.

With YG Entertainment entering the stock exchange fray, all of the ‘Big 3′ companies (YG Entertainment, SM EntertainmentJYP Entertaiment) are now listed on KOSDAQ. (SM Entertainment was able to secure its entrance into KOSDAQ more than 10 years ago, while JYP Continue reading

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More More More updated list of Korean celebrity twitter accounts~

Via Allkpop:

Hello everybody and welcome to this compilation of celebrity Twitter accounts!

We hope this feature will help make it easier for you to connect with your favorite celebrities in real time! There are bunch of new celebrities to follow, as well as those who have changed their accounts since the last list. Continue reading

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Does the ‘five-year lifespan’ jinx still hold on idols?

Congrats to all the idols who survived their 5 year mark~!

There’s a long-standing jinx amongst idol groups in the Korean music industry, and it’s that their life span rarely lasts longer than five years. Although many have fallen to the curse, a lot more have proved it wrong, the representative case being Big Bang.

The group debuted back in 2006 and declared themselves to be artists that are between an idol and a musician in terms of talent and style. Continue reading

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2011 welcomes a battle of the boy groups~

2011 to become a crucial year for boy groups~

An early forecast reveals that the beginning of 2011 will be marked with an influx of girl group debuts, but with the return of various male groups looming near, fans will get their full doses of testosterone in the near future as well.

Rookies including MBLAQ, Teen Top and Infinite have been generating lots of chatter and interest with their ongoing comebacks this month.

MBLAQ’s title track “Cry” was released just two days ago and has already secured high rankings on various charts including those of Mnet and Bugs. Their full album “BLAQ Style” will be released on the 10th with a live comeback on the 13th.

Teen Top, whose members got kpop fans doing double takes with their silver hair concept, released a MV teaser today for their comeback track ”Transform.” Due to member Niel’s injury, the group has pushed back their live comeback to the 13th.

Finally, Infinite will be returning with their second six-track mini-album “Evolution,” with concept photos and preview videos attracting much attention. Their comeback showcase is schedule to take place in just a few hours today at Seouls’ CGV.

On the other end, news of the impending returns of TVXQ and Big Bang, arguably the two largest male groups of the Korean Continue reading

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2011 prepares for a flood of new girl group debuts~

More Girl Groups about to flood the Kpop Industry? O:

The year 2010 was a busy year for girl groups, regardless of whether they were seniors or rookies. SNSD, 2NE1, and KARA maintained their high popularity, while newbie groups miss A, SISTAR, and Secret managed to shine strong amidst the rush of girl groups that permeated the industry this year.

miss A especially has done exceptionally well, earning the ‘Song of the Year Award,’ ‘Female Rookie Award,’ and ‘Best Female Performance Group’ at the “2010 Mnet Asian Music Awards.” The group also went on to receive the ‘Digital Bonsang at the “25th Golden Disk Awards.” SISTAR and Secret both earned rookie awards at the “Golden Disk” as well.

Yet as the year draws to a close, it appears that there’s a whole Continue reading

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