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YG Entertainment’s entrance into KOSDAQ & 3 new idol groups in the making?!~

Ummm. OH WOW. YG’s getting bigger and bigger~

Do any of you guys watch Terry He on Youtube? Well, 2 members of his old boy band thingy, Brian Kan and Don Lee, left in 2010 to become trainees at YG. I wonder if they’re debuting soon.

One of Korea’s top agencies, YG Entertainment, will finally be listed on the independent Korean stock market, KOSDAQ (the Korean counterpart to the American NASDAQ).

YG Entertainment’s application to enter KOSDAQ has been pending for a while now, and it was finally approved earlier this year. This new announcement states that their stocks will be listed on the market starting on November 23rd.

In light of such a big development, YG Entertainment held a press conference on November 8th and revealed their plans after entering KOSDAQ.

With top artists like Big Bang, 2NE1, Se7en, Gummy, Psy, Tablo, Yoo In Na, Jung Hye Young, and more under its label, YG Entertainment brought in approximately $40 million USD last year in sales, $9.2 million in operating profit, and $8.75 million in net profit. In the first half of 2011, they also recorded strong figures with $39.9 million in sales, $8.6 million in operating profit, and $6.4 million in net profit.

With YG Entertainment entering the stock exchange fray, all of the ‘Big 3′ companies (YG Entertainment, SM EntertainmentJYP Entertaiment) are now listed on KOSDAQ. (SM Entertainment was able to secure its entrance into KOSDAQ more than 10 years ago, while JYP Continue reading

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Heechul and Jungmo (M&D) release MV for ‘Close Ur Mouth Song’~

SO. MANY. STARS. It’s a feast for the eyes <3

As reported earlier, Super Junior’s Heechul and TRAX’s Jungmo came together to form a new project group called ‘M&D‘ and their debut track music video for ‘Close Ur Mouth‘ has now been released!

The MV was released through SMTOWN’s official YouTube and Facebook accounts on June 23rd. Continue reading

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Who are the top idols to take home to your parents? ;)

I’d take Jokwon home~ ;)

IU and 2AM’s Jo Kwon were chosen by singers as the number 1 idol to take home to parents.

“Who are the top idols to take home to parents?,” was asked on the monthly poll of the June issue for SBS “Inkigayo” Magazine. This, following May’s poll topic of ‘the top idol to want to go on a spring outing with’.

Like the previous poll, performers on SBS “Inkigayo” including B2ST, After School, Continue reading

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Who’s the best idol actor/actress?

Do you agree? I’m not sure if I do.

LOL YAAY THEY MENTIONED CITY HUNTER (LLLLL) But pooo. no one mention Kim Hyun Joong’s Boys Before Flowers success =(

Big Bang’s TOP was rated to have the best current acting career as well as the one with the highest potential in his future as an actor amongst idols in the acting scene.

Three major broadcasting company directors (MBC, SBS, and KBS) along with 7 professionals were surveyed to rate the 11 idols that have been featured in dramas or movies in the past 2 years. Idols were rated for their ‘acting career up to date’ and ‘potential for growth’. Continue reading

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Mnet’s “Idol Chart Show” ranks the best idol dancers~

For once, I sorta kinda maybe agree with the rankings O=

Mnet’s “Idol Chart Show” is back again with yet another chart, this time ranking the dance skills of idols!

Mnet went ahead and picked apart the dance talent of idol stars, ranking them accordingly. Continue reading

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Mnet’s “Idol Chart Show” ranks the top 20 idol bodies~

Which Korean idol has the best body?

A worthy question, albeit one that’s inherently hard to determine, especially when one is attempting to grade males and females on the same scale.

Nevertheless, Mnet’s “Idol Chart Show” decided to take a stab at it on a recent show, as they ranked the Top 20 idol bodies. Continue reading

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Five idol taboos broken by Super Junior’s Kim Heechul~

A Look into the five idol taboos broken by Heechul~

Ahh, of course there would be an article on this. Heechul is simply an unbelievably interesting person.
Honestly, can you think of any other idol in the industry who is as out-there as he is? He’s the most peculiar of them all, and that’s why we love him ;)
Instead of only caring about his idol image, he does random things that go with his personality (which unfortunately, earns him a lot of antis. But s’alright, he doesn’t care.) And in the process, we see the real Kim Heechul, making him the most well-known and also respected idol in the industry.

Within five years of his debut, Super Junior’s Kim Heechul has not only skyrocketed to fame, but he’s also become a formidable star in the celebrity stratosphere.

Heechul first debuted as a member of Super Junior back in 2005, and caught everyone’s attention with his pretty boy looks.  Producers from the acting industry were Continue reading

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Who were the top variety show idol stars of 2010?~

Variety show Idol stars!

OBVIOUSLY, Jokwon made the list. He is simply too funny ;) And of course, so did Leeteuk. Some of these people are just so entertaining, are they not? Honestly, I think all the members of Super Junior should have made this, because they are, by far, the funniest idol group to watch on variety shows. They never fail to amaze me <3 Neither does Jokwon and, of course, his wifey Ga-In :D

With more and more idol group members venturing into multiple fields of the entertainment industry other than music, the performance stage has now become too small a venue for these stars to release their overflowing, yet hidden talents.

Idol groups may have received love and interest for their cute and youthful images in the past, however throughout this year, the popular trend of the ‘idol’ image slowly began to move towards the concept of ‘comedy’ and ‘honesty’.

Money Today Star News looked into this year’s most prominent comedic idol members in closer detail.

<”KKab Kwon” – Nothing more needs to be said.>

Many staff members of broadcasting companies have agreed that Jo Kwon, a.k.a ‘Kkab Kwon‘ was this year’s leading variety show idol. The leader of the 4-membered 2AM first became a semi-fixed cast member for MBC’s ‘Quiz to Change the World’, through which he gained a lot of his popularity for showcasing what is now known as his trademark facial expressions, as well as his hilarious imitations of girl group dances. It was through this where he earned his nickname “Kkab Kwon”, meaning to be “silly” or “frivolous“.

Jo Kwon was then cast as a regular couple on ‘We Got Married’ with Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga-In, which received immense support from viewers as the ‘Adam Couple’. The singer was also a fixed member of SBS’s ‘Family Outing‘, which was then followed up by a fixed MC role for music program, ‘Inkigayo‘. Jo Kwon recently took on the new challenge of acting, and is currently a main cast member for MBC’s new daily sitcom, “All My Love.”

<Flower boy + 2nd generation Kim Gura, B2ST’s Ki Kwang>

Another variety show rookie that comes to mind is Lee Ki Kwang of B2ST. Ki Kwang first showed his potential comedic talents through MBC’s daily sitcom ‘Highkick through the Roof’, but his popularity only began to soar after he was chosen as a fixed member of popular variety show, ‘Hot Brothers’. It was through this show where Ki Kwang was able to break out of his typical, flower boy idol image and be accepted as the second generation Kim Gura – a comedian who is particularly well-known for his witty wordplay. Ki Kwang’s seductive “American Dance” on the show is considered to be one of Ki Kwang’s highlights in becoming one of this year’s top variety show idols.


Following his success on ‘Hot Brothers’ came a new opportunity for Ki Kwang to cast for KBS’s weekly talk show, ‘Seung Seung Jang Gu’. Learning under veteran gagmen Kim Gura, Tak Jae Hoon, and Park Myung Soo, Ki Kwang has improved vastly in his eloquence and wit – two key ingredients which are vital for a successful variety talk show.

<The grasshopper-eating idol, KARA’s Goo Hara>

KARA’s Goo Hara is said to be one of the more notable ‘variety idols’ in the girl-group dominated variety show, KBS 2TV’s ‘Invincible Youth‘. Rather than her cute and glamorous images on stage, her free and easy personality that is displayed on the show gathered a lot more interest from viewers and fans.

During the show, Hara challenged herself in taking a driver’s licence for farm machines, and was also seen driving a rice-planting tractor machine, through which she gained her new nickname, “The Goddess of Agriculture.” To the cast members’ disgust, Hara even ate a fried grasshopper, which she described as “anchovies simmered in soy sauce.” The idol was a hot topic on popular portal sites for weeks as the  “Grasshopper-eating Idol”.

<Fixed variety show MC + Own talk show, Super Junior’s Lee Teuk>

Super Junior’s leader Lee Teuk can also be deemed as an illustrious figure in the variety show field. Lee Teuk, along with fellow members Eun Hyuk and Shindong, have a fixed corner titled ‘Teukigayo‘ on SBS’s ‘Strong Heart’, and replaced the empty sub-MC spot on SBS’s ‘Star King‘ shortly after comedian Boom left to fulfill his army duties.

His success throughout the year finally earned him an MC position for the new variety show, ‘Enjoy Today’, and is also planned to create a new talk show with three other Super Junior members, to be titled ‘Super Junior’s Foresight’.

<”Plastic surgery-dol”, honest and confident charms, ZE:A’s Kwanghee>

ZE:A’s Hwang Kwang Hee’s popularity in variety shows has been spiraling upwards these recent months, and he is slowly becoming acknowledged as the bluechip of variety shows. Kwang Hee entered the variety show field as a noisy and arrogant character, which eventually led to the establishment of a new nickname, the ‘Human Beagle’.

What viewers are most satisfied with Hwang Kwang Hee is his fearlessness in breaking his idol image to show a more truthful side of himself.

For example, the idol confidently revealed on broadcast, “I fixed my whole entire face” and “I rested in bed for a whole year because of my plastic surgery.” Many viewers responded positively to his wit, leaving comments such as, “He is the next new star of variety shows” and “I could watch him over and over again and he’s still funny.”

Source; Allkpop | shared by: sunbunss

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Some Korean Idol Birthdays~


Sungmin(Super Junior)- Jan 1, 1986

Yang Yo Seob (BEAST)- Jan 5, 1990

Ji Hyun (4 Minute)- Jan 9, 1990

Brian Joo(Former Fly To The Sky)- Jan 10

Hara (Kara)-Jan 13, 1991

Junsu(2PM)- Jan 15, 1988

Hwanhee(Former Fly To The Sky)- Jan 17

Kangin (Super Junior)- Jan 17, 1985

Ki Seop (U Kiss)-Jan 17, 1991

Minzy (2NE1)- Jan 18, 1994

Jiyoung (Kara)-Jan 18, 1994

Andy(Shinhwa)- Jan 21

Junho(2PM)- Jan 25, 1990

Jaejoong(DBSK)- Jan 26, 1986


Kyunhyun(Super Junior)- Feb 3, 1988

Yunho(DBSK)- Feb 6, 1986

Lee Joon(MBLAQ)- Feb 7,1988

Hankyung (Super Junior)- Feb 9, 1984

Junyoung (ZE:A)-  Feb 9, 1989

Siwon (Super Junior)- Feb 10, 1987

Sooyoung (SNSD)-Feb 10, 1990

Chansung(2PM)- Feb 11, 1990

Dongjun(ZE:A)- Feb 11, 1992

Changmin(DBSK)- Feb 18, 1988

Kevin (ZE:A)- Feb 23, 1988

Kyu Jong (SS501)- Feb 24, 1987

CL (2NE1)- Feb 26, 1991

Hongki(FT Island)- Feb 29


Hongki (FT Island)-Mar 2, 1990

Jonghoon(FT Island)- Mar 7, 1990

Taeyeon (SNSD)- Mar 9, 1989

Mir (MBLAQ)-Mar 10, 1991

Soohyun (U Kiss)- Mar 11, 1989

Eli (U Kiss)- Mar 13, 1991

Joo Yeon (After School)- Mar 19, 1987

Boram (T-ara)- Mar 22, 1986

Park Bom (2NE1)-Mar 24, 1984

So Young (After School)- Mar 29, 1986

Gi Kwang (Beast)- Mar 30, 1990


Jungmin (SS501)- April 3, 1987

Eunhyuk(Super Junior)- April 4, 1986

Jonghyun(Shinee)- April 8, 1990

Uee (After School)- April 9, 1988

Jessica (SNSD)- April 18, 1989

Jay (2PM)- April 25, 1987

Daesung(Big Bang)- April 26, 1989

Wooyoung(2PM)- April 30, 1989


Changmin (2AM)- May 1, 1986

Jinwoon (2AM)-May 2, 1991

Sunmi (Wonder Girls)- May 2, 1992

Raina (After School)- May 7, 1989

Seulong (2AM)- May 11, 1987

Jong Hyun (CN Blue)- May 15, 1990

Sunny (SNSD)-May 15, 1989

Gayoon (4 Minute)-May 18, 1990

Taeyang(Big Bang)- May 18, 1988

Gyuri (Kara)- May 21, 1988

Yeun (Wonder Girls)-May 26, 1989

Hyomin (T-ara)- May 30, 1989

Yoona (SNSD)- May 30, 1990


Yoochun(DBSK)- June 4, 1986

Dongwoon (Beast)- June 6, 1991

Hyuna (4 Minute)- June 6, 1992

Jung Yong Hwa (CN Blue)- June 6, 1989

Kim Hyun Joong(SS501)- June 6, 1986

Ji Yeon (T-ara)- June 7, 1993

Taehun (ze:A)- June 18, 1989

Ryeowook (Super Junior)- June 21, 1987

Jung Yong Hwa(CN Blue)- June 22

Nickhun(2PM)- June 24, 1988

Sohee (Wonder Girls)-June 27, 1992

Minhyuk (CN Blue)-June 28, 1991

Seohyun (SNSD)-June 28, 1991

Dongho(U Kiss)- June 29, 1994


Leeteuk(Super Junior)- July  1, 1983

Doojoon (Beast)- July 4, 1989

Heechul (Super Junior)- July 10, 1983

Taemin(Shinee)- July 18, 1993

Seungyeon (Kara)-July 24, 1988

Alexander(U Kiss)- July 29, 1988


Tiffany (SNSD)-Aug 1, 1989

Jung Ah (After School)- Aug 2, 1983

Hyung Joon(SS501)- Aug 3, 1987

Bekah (After School)-Aug 11, 1989

Sunye (Wonder Girls)- Aug 12, 1989

G Dragon(Big Bang)- Aug 18, 1988

Kibum (Super Junior)- Aug 21, 1987

Seunghyun (FT Island)-Aug 21, 1992

Yesung (Super Junior)- Aug 24, 1984

Kwanghee(ZE:A)- Aug 25, 1988

Jokwon(2AM)- Aug 28, 1989

So Hyun (4 Minute)- Aug 30, 1994


Hyun Seung (Beast)- Sept 3, 1989

Minwoo(ZE:A)-  Sept 6, 1990

Nana (After School)- Sept 14, 1991

Jeong Shin (CN Blue)- Sept 15, 1991

Jea (Brown Eyed Girls)- Sept 18, 1981

Gain (Brown Eyed Girls)- Sept 20, 1987

Key(Shinee)- Sept 23, 1991

Shindong (Super Junior)- Sept 28, 1985


Yoobin (Wonder Girls)-Oct 4, 1988

So Yeon(T-ara)- Oct 5, 1987

Nicole (Kara)-Oct 7, 1991

Thunder (MBLAQ)-Oct 7, 1990

Donghae(Super Junior)- Oct 15, 1986

Ji Yoon (4 Minute)- Oct 15, 1990

Seungho(MBLAQ)- Oct 16, 1987


Miryo (Brown Eyed Girls)- Nov 2, 1981

Young Saeng (SS501)- Nov 3, 1986

Top(Big Bang)- Nov 4, 1987

G.O (MBLAQ)- Nov 6, 1987

Minhwan (FT Island)-Nov 11, 1992

Dara (2NE1)- Nov 12, 1984

Hyungsik(ZE:A)- Nov 16, 1991

Dongwan(Shinhwa)- Nov 21

Kevin (U Kiss)- Nov 25, 1991


Siwan (ZE:A) –Dec 1, 1988

Yuri (SNSD)-Dec 5, 1989

Heechul (ZE:A)- Dec 9, 1989

Minho(Shinee)- Dec 9, 1991

Eunjung (T-ara)-Dec 12, 1988

Seungri(Big Bang)- Dec 12, 1990

Qri(T-ara)- Dec 12, 1986

Onew(Shinee)- Dec 14, 1989

Junsu(DBSK)- Dec 15, 1986

Jaejin(FT Island)- Dec 17, 1991

Junhyung(Beast)- Dec 19, 1989

Gahee (After School)- Dec 25, 1980

Taecyeon(2PM)- Dec 27, 1988

Narsha (Brown Eyed Girls)- Dec 28, 1981

Kibum (U Kiss)-Dec 29, 1990

SOURCE: Koreanaddicts @ tumblr

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