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Wonder Girls on their US venture and new album~!

I’ve missed them, and so glad they’re going to be back~ (L)

In 2008, the Wonder Girls knocked on the door of the U.S. market and embarked on a long journey of self-discovery and growth. Though they were top stars in Korea, the girls were forced to start from the very bottom again with street performances.

Fast forward three years later, and we see the Wonder Girls return to Korea with some solid achievements under their belts. They’ve placed 76th on the Billboard Chart and became the first Korean artists to rank on the world-famous music barometer. They also completed a successful U.S. Tour, and filmed a movie with TV network, Teen Nick.

Prior to the official release of their 2nd album, Continue reading

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Leeteuk and Eunyhuk’s awkward phone call to Justin Bieber…

Tehehe. Too bad I’m in China, so I can’t watch it =(

Super Junior’s Eunhyuk and Leeteuk apparently have become acquaintances with Justin Bieberthrough their meeting in Thailand… enough to give him a direct phone call on the July 5th edition of their radio program, “Kiss the Radio“.

Well, they almost had their listeners fooled as it turned out that it really wasn’t Justin Bieber. Eunhyuk and Leeteuk were actually calling a member of their own sub-group, Super Junior M’s very own Henry Lau who was acting like Justin Bieber.

After giving up their awkward phone call in English and switching to Korean, Eunhyuk and Leeteuk went on to interview the member, who is currently in Taiwan with Siwon. Siwon is wrapping up filming for his upcoming drama “Extravagant Challenge“.

Source: Allkpop | Shared by:  sunbunss

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Jay Park is confident he can advance into the American Market in 2 years~

Wooooot~ Jay Park fighting~ ^^

Jay Park recently concluded his promotions for his solo album, “TAKE A DEEPER LOOK“, which earned him a lot of praise for its success. His title track, ‘Abandoned‘, scored first place two weeks in a row – a considerable achievement, especially since they were made immediately after his comeback. Continue reading

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Engaged couple Eugene and Ki Tae Young reveal their – lack of – history~

How cute,

After announcing their engagement earlier this month, S.E.S’s Eugene and actor Ki Tae Youngrecently revealed that they barely knew about each other prior to working together on a drama.

On May 23rd, Eugene and Ki Tae Young attended a press conference in Seoul to celebrate the release of Eugene’s beauty book, ‘Eugene’s Get It Beauty‘, as well as the couple’s engagement.

While it’s been reported that the happy couple Continue reading

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TVXQ members confess their biggest complexes~

AWE, they have faults ;) I love them anyway~

TVXQ’s Yunho confessed that the left and right sides of his face are different.

On the May 14th broadcast of KBS 2TV’s “Entertainment Weekly“, Yunho chose his face as his complex. He stated, “The left side is masculine whereas the right side is feminine” and proceeded to pose both sides to the camera to prove his statement.

Changmin, who also guested on the program, also confessed, “I’m worried about my hair. I have too much hair, so that’s my complex.”

Meanwhile, Yunho and Changmin were also asked to choose between ‘handsome’ and ’sexy’ as a compliment. Changmin stated sensibly, and selfishly, ‘handsome & sexy’.

Source: Allkpop | Shared by: sunbunss

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f(x) was almost called “The Bomb”~


But then again, f(x) is the universal way to indicate a mathematical function… Also inputs and outputs, and function notation. =|

Have you ever imagined calling the girls from f(x), “the girls from ‘the bomb’?

On April 23th, the members of f(x), after making their comeback with “Pinocchio”, held an interview with KBS “Entertainment Relay”. Continue reading

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Rain shares his thoughts on marriage, and “Time Magazine’s 100 list”~

Did you know…

When you Google “Rain”, he comes up before the watery liquid that clouds pee out?

Rain was recently interviewed on the April 22nd broadcast of KBS 1TV’s “KBS Newsline” for being named “Top 100 world’s most influential people in 2011″ by Time Magazine.

During the interview, Rain stated, “It’s truly an honor to come in 1st place, and it came as a bit of a happy surprise. Continue reading

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Rainbow introduced as new leaders of the Hallyu Wave~


The ladies of Rainbow have been selected as the idol leaders of the new Hallyu wave! The group was recently featured as the first idol interview on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade’s official blog, “Diplomacy Wing“.

The interview introduced the girls as the first new generation of stars that will be leading the new Hallyu wave, and discussed topics on the the future of Hallyu itself. Continue reading

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JYJ’s Jaejoong on loneliness, twitter, and JYJ’s change in music~

Jaejoongie goes DEEP O:

JYJ’s Jaejoong recently sat down with Hankooki for an lengthy interview, where he opened up to talk about a variety of personal matters such as dating, his Twitter account, and his music career.

Check it out below:

Jaejoong had just finished another interview with a different newspaper company at a cafe in Seoulwhen he met with Hankooki, and at the time, he looked bright and happy as he had “drunk a few glasses of wine.Continue reading

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Super Junior wants the world to see Super Show 4~

Super Show 4 to expand outside of Asia~!

OMG YAAAY~! That means Suju fans like me living in Canada or the US may get to see them in person! Oh pleasepleaseplease come to Canada! PLEASEPLEASEPLEASEEEEEEE? ^^

The Super Junior members were in Singapore this past weekend for the Singapore leg of their Super Show 3 concert tour and it finished off successfully with 20,000 fans going home delighted.

Before the second concert in Singapore yesterday, the members had a press conference with the local media where they expressed their desire to bring the Continue reading

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