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2PM’s first Arena Tour sells out in 1 minute~!

I-I-I-I wanna go =(

2PM has a lot to be happy about: the group is currently ranked first on the Japanese cellphone ring tone charts Chaku-Uta and Chaku-Movie with their third Japanese single “Ultra Lover“, which is also third on Oricon, and has made a record-breaking first place claim on Juyo Record Sharp. The boys now have even more reason to celebrate, as all 100,000 tickets for their first Arena Tour reportedly sold out in one minute!

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SNSD’s crazy schedule alarms fans

Umm. Wow…?

Fans have been expressing their alarm over SNSD’s schedules for the months of June and July, especially after member Sunny fainted with exhaustion recently at a Japanese concert.

The girls have an “MJ Presents SNSD” special on June 8th. They’ll perform in Paris on the 10th and 11th, and head back to Japan on the 12th for NHK’s “Music Japan“.

Afterwards, SNSD will Continue reading

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Audio of 2PM’s Japanese Single “Take Off” released~

Ooooooh, 2PM in Jpop O=

The audio of 2PM’s upcoming Japanese debut single “Take Off” has been released!

The song is an original Japanese single with a great beat along with catchy lyrics. In addition, the coupling track on the official single will be the Japanese version of their hit Korean song “Heartbeat“. Continue reading

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Rainbow to comeback with title track by Japan’s Daishi Dance~

So. Many. Comebacks.

Girl group Rainbow has joined forces with one of Japan’s greatest composers/DJs, Daishi Dance, for their upcoming comeback!

On March 23rd, representatives of DSP Media revealed, “Rainbow will be releasing their next mini-album in the beginning of April with a title track by Daishi Dance.”

Daishi Dance is well known in Korea for being the composer behind Big Bang’s hit track, “Haru Haru,” and has experience producing for some of Japan’s biggest names, Continue reading

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KARA becomes the first foreign female artist to top Oricon’s DVD chart~

Woohoo~ Congrats KARA! ^^

Korean girl group, KARA, has released their music video collection DVD “KARA BEST CLIPS” last week and it topped Oricon’s Weekly Composite DVD Ranking chart; selling around 132,000 copies. KARA has personally been first in the single, album and DVD rankings. Continue reading

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Kara releases ‘Jet Coaster Love’ MV~

KARA releases the MV for their newest Japanese single~

Girl group KARA has just unveiled the MV for their newest song, “Jet Coaster Love”!

The colorful music video focuses mostly on the dance scenes, where the girls KARA show off their lovely legs in crisp, matching white outfits. The single will be released on March 23rd. Continue reading

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Big Bang to being Japanese tour in May~!

Japanese Big Bang fans must be going crazy right about now… ;)

Big Bang will be heading back to Japan to kick off their tour in May!

According to a report by Sankei Sports on February 3rd, Big Bang will be releasing a new Japanese track in April. Their tour will start in Osaka on May 10th and 11th, stop in Tokyo from the 13th to the 15th, and conclude at Nagoya on the 17th and 18th.

Their Japanese tour last year brought in 50,000 fans, and reports are predicting that a 90,000 member audience will be drawn this year.

T.O.P commented, “We had a lot of solo activities last year, so we’re looking forward to showing a ‘powered-up’ image.” G-Dragon added, “We’re already excited in being able to enjoy the concert together. Let’s make it an amazing year.”

In celebration of their concert, UNIQLO will begin selling 10 special t-shirts with different designs in 825 stores across the nation starting February 5th.

Source: Allkpop | Shared by: sunbunss

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SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR to kick off in Tokyo next January!~


Why don’t they ever come to Canada? They should come to Toronto. I’m sure THOUSANDS would show up to see SMTown live. :D It’s pretty much a dream come true for all their international fans who live near the Great Lakes. =]

SM Entertainment’s in-house joint concert, ’SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR‘, will kick off in Tokyo on January 2011. So far, the destinations for the tour include Seoul, Los Angeles, and Shanghai.

The Tokyo stop will be held on January 25th and 26th at the Continue reading

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JYJ’s Seoul concert had a mammoth economic impact~

JYJ Going Strong!;

Recently, JYJ has been recieving criticism for the major flaws in their most recent concert in Seoul; as well as ciriticism from American Music Critics regarding their ‘Ayyy Girl’ collaboration with Kanye West.
But all the negative press did not make their fans waver one bit. As you can see, JYJ is going strong.
Most of their fame is gained from their activities in TVXQ, where the five boys achieved a level of Hallyu fame that no other boy group has been able to beat. They were the one, and only: DBSK.
Even near the end of their careers as DBSK, they did not seem like they were starting to fade, still shining as bright as ever.
They were my first Kpop obsession, and the deepest in my heart.

Through JYJ’s ‘Worldwide Concert in Seoul’, held recently on November 27th and 28th, the trio once again showcased their popularity among international fans, and proved why they are considered the central axis of the Hallyu Wave. Continue reading

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SNSD introduces new line dance concept in Shibuya~


If you stare at the picture for awhile, it becomes apparent that it was photoshopped. There is no way that all of their legs are the same length. Sure, they’re still different heights… but their legs are exactly the same length. Which of course, we know is not true and would be one heck of a coink-a-dink, dontcha think? O:

SNSD will be making Japan’s Christmas season shine bright with a new large-scale illumination electric display to be put up in the middle of Shibuya.

According to SM Entertainment, the illumination will be up on the exterior of Shibuya’s representative fashion building, Shibuya 109, starting from November 30th.

SNSD signed a contract with Shibuya 109 to celebrate this Christmas season for exactly one month, lasting until December 25th.

Representatives of SM Entertainment stated, “In the illumination, the girls are shown with their new and modern ‘line dance’ concept fit for the Christmas season. We are predicting a hot response. SNSD has been attracting attention not only for their choreography, but their fashion as well, and are highly popular amongst Japanese teens and 20s. This illumination will capture the attention of the people walking the streets of Shibuya.

Source: Allkpop | Shared by: sunbunss

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