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Wonder Girls on their US venture and new album~!

I’ve missed them, and so glad they’re going to be back~ (L)

In 2008, the Wonder Girls knocked on the door of the U.S. market and embarked on a long journey of self-discovery and growth. Though they were top stars in Korea, the girls were forced to start from the very bottom again with street performances.

Fast forward three years later, and we see the Wonder Girls return to Korea with some solid achievements under their belts. They’ve placed 76th on the Billboard Chart and became the first Korean artists to rank on the world-famous music barometer. They also completed a successful U.S. Tour, and filmed a movie with TV network, Teen Nick.

Prior to the official release of their 2nd album, Continue reading

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SNSD confirms Korean comeback this September~

SNSD has confirmed their Korean comeback with their third official album next month!

*ahem* why do I feel like they are always here?

While taking part in the Hallyu wave over in Japan, the girls have been secretly working on their third album recordings. They’ve been balancing out a proper release date, and finally decided on September.

A representative revealed, “SNSD mentioned that they would be making their comeback this fall, but they’ve recently confirmed September as their comeback month. They’re still in the middle of recording, so they could adjust the date by a week or two.”

Fans will also be excited to hear that it won’t be a mini-album or a digital single, but a full fledged official album, their first in nearly a year and eight months.

Other entertainment labels are currently delaying comebacks and debuts in order to avoid direct competition. One representative said, “All the attention will be on SNSD anyway, so it’s useless to go head-to-head. On top of that, it’s an official album, so it’s likely that they will just sweep the charts.”

… Seriousy? That much fuss over SNSD… They’re not THAT great. Really. All they have is really good plastic surgery. Besides, none of them can sing except for Taeyeon. *sigh* someone needs to expose their lack of talent.
wow. I’m talking like an anti! Good for me. (But I’m not one… It’s too much effort to waste so much time hating on SNSD) 

Source: Allkpop | Shared by: sunbunss

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KBS receives harsh criticism for airing Korea’s first lesbian drama….


Seriously, why are Koreans so homophobic? It’s not that big of a deal… -.- I mean, HOW MANY OSCARS did Brokeback Mountain win? *ahem* A LOT.
Even Chinese and Japanese people are more lenient about LGBT’s. Maybe not as accepting as North America, some parts of Europe, etc. But better than this. And it’s quite disappointing that we’re living in the year  2011 and Korea has only now aired it’s first lesbian drama. Someone correct me, but has there been an actual Korean drama based on gay relationships? Personal taste left the gay guy lonely and centered around a boy-girl relationship. 

A new KBS drama called ‘Daughters of Club Bilitis‘ had viewers up in arms over the fact that it contained content relating to same-sex couples.

On August 7th, the drama premiered as Korea’s first ever lesbian one-act drama, illustrating the lives of three lesbian couples. The drama aimed to depict lesbian relationships across all generations, and thus tells the story of 50-year-olds Choi Ran and Choi Hyang Ja, 30-year-old career women Han Go Eun and Oh Se Jung, and high school students Jin Se Yeon and Ahn Ji Hyun. Continue reading

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Happy Birthday to Super Junior’s Ryeowook~

Hehehehe. Happy Birthday to the shortest and cutest member of Super Junior <3 my favouritest kpop group of all time ;)

 CONGRATULATIONS, you’re 24 todaiii~

PLUSSSSSSSS, I hope you guys comeback soon =( if you’re gone too long then I start to miss you


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f(x) releases “Hot Summer” MV Teaser~

It’s a bit too… HAPPY. But then again, they always all are~

Girl group f(x) have recently excited fans with the release of their new teaser video!

f(x) revealed the teaser video for their follow-up track “Hot Summer” through both their official homepage and SM Entertainment’s YouTube channel on June 13th.

“Hot Summer” is a dance pop track with an intense synthesized sound and beat, telling the story of girls who find romance in the days of summer. Fans have meanwhile pointed out that the song is likely to be a Korean remake of the  Continue reading

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Who’s the best idol actor/actress?

Do you agree? I’m not sure if I do.

LOL YAAY THEY MENTIONED CITY HUNTER (LLLLL) But pooo. no one mention Kim Hyun Joong’s Boys Before Flowers success =(

Big Bang’s TOP was rated to have the best current acting career as well as the one with the highest potential in his future as an actor amongst idols in the acting scene.

Three major broadcasting company directors (MBC, SBS, and KBS) along with 7 professionals were surveyed to rate the 11 idols that have been featured in dramas or movies in the past 2 years. Idols were rated for their ‘acting career up to date’ and ‘potential for growth’. Continue reading

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KARA reveals their plans for 2011~

YAY to KARA for sticking together ^^

KARA will be returning to the Korean music scene in the fall.

According to DSP Media, KARA plans to greet their Korean fans in September with a new album. If the album is released as scheduled, it will be their first Korean album in 10 months, following after their 4th mini album, “Jumping“.

On May 24th, Continue reading

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More More More updated list of Korean celebrity twitter accounts~

Via Allkpop:

Hello everybody and welcome to this compilation of celebrity Twitter accounts!

We hope this feature will help make it easier for you to connect with your favorite celebrities in real time! There are bunch of new celebrities to follow, as well as those who have changed their accounts since the last list. Continue reading

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What are the hottest song of the 2000’s? (According to Melon…)

Mmmmkay. so I DEFFSS do NOT agree with this list. SERIOUSLY.

Melon, a beloved source for Korean music, just released its list of top songs of the last decade from 2000 – 2010. Still, it’s valuable information and I bet there are people fighting on the forums right at this moment over how their favorite artist is over or underrated on this chart. Anyway, the chart showed some recognizable trends and varieties, which we will examine after the cut. Continue reading

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Mnet’s “Idol Chart Show” ranks the top 20 idol bodies~

Which Korean idol has the best body?

A worthy question, albeit one that’s inherently hard to determine, especially when one is attempting to grade males and females on the same scale.

Nevertheless, Mnet’s “Idol Chart Show” decided to take a stab at it on a recent show, as they ranked the Top 20 idol bodies. Continue reading

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