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Heechul addresses netizens’ accusations regarding his military position~

*patpat* poor Heechul T^T

Super Junior‘s Kim Heechul recently addressed the accusations surrounding his position in the army as a ‘public service personnel’.

On September 14th, MBC‘s ‘Radio Star‘ aired a new episode featuring Kim Heechul, who explained why he wasn’t going to perform active duties like other Korean soldiers.

A public service personnel deals with public services, such as working at train stations and selling tickets or transporting goods for the military. It’s a fixed hourly job that doesn’t involve a lot of physical stress.

During this pre-recorded program, Yoon Jong Shin cautiously asked the idol, “There have Continue reading

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Jewelry passes out roses on the streets for ‘Rose Day’~

AWE, how nice. I wish we had Rose Day

On May 14th, the members of Jewelry set out to the streets of Myung-dong in celebration of ‘Rose Day’, a day where lovers exchange roses as an expression of their love.

Without alerting anyone ahead of time, Continue reading

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