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Heechul addresses netizens’ accusations regarding his military position~

*patpat* poor Heechul T^T

Super Junior‘s Kim Heechul recently addressed the accusations surrounding his position in the army as a ‘public service personnel’.

On September 14th, MBC‘s ‘Radio Star‘ aired a new episode featuring Kim Heechul, who explained why he wasn’t going to perform active duties like other Korean soldiers.

A public service personnel deals with public services, such as working at train stations and selling tickets or transporting goods for the military. It’s a fixed hourly job that doesn’t involve a lot of physical stress.

During this pre-recorded program, Yoon Jong Shin cautiously asked the idol, “There have Continue reading

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Star Golden Bell NOT coming to an end?~ (HUH. WAIT WUT? o__O)

HUH. Well, that’s interesting =|

I really have nothing to say about this piece of news, except that it smells fishy. Obviously, something’s behind it. LOL orr, it could really be a honest mistake by the news tipper?

Earlier today, it was revealed by Newsen that KBS’s variety program, “Star Golden Bell” was coming to an end.  However, KBS’s variety production center CP, Ha Won, stated on October 21st that “nothing is decided as of yet.”

“Star Golden Bell” first began in 2004 and has lately began running into rumors due to KBS’s new pilot program, “Oh My School.” Due to both programs being similar in content, many believed that “Star Golden Bell” would be canceled and replaced.

CP Ha asked in return, “Are these rumors coming about because of our new pilot program?”

“Star Golden Bell” has managed to record 7% in viewer ratings as a Saturday program, the same amount SBS’s “Star Junior Show” manages to record as well. MBC takes the lead for the time slot, with “We Got Married” recording at 10%.

Marketing ploy?  We think so!

Source: Allkpop | Shared by: Sunbuns^^

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