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Brown Eyed Girls release ‘Sixth Sense’~

Well then…

The Brown Eyed Girls have made their long awaited return with the release of their 4th album, “Sixth Sense“!

Representatives of Nega Network explained, “This album focuses not only on their singing and performance. The members hope to convey their thoughts to the public through music. Their title track is an expression of the limitations of experiencing music with only five senses, and it asks people to feel it instead with their sixth sense. The song itself is very free in style.”

The girls will be holding their first comeback stage on Continue reading

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6th Youtube Special of Playful Kiss revealed~


Has anyone else noticed that these episodes are quite repetitive? First, Ha Ni does something to make Seung Jo annoyed, and he treats her coldly and not like his wife at all. Then, after something happens (maybe an outburst from Ha Ni), Seung Jo kisses her and FINALLY acts like her husand… Frankly, I want something exciting to happen. And being repetitive really isn’t the best way to achieve that.

I’m beginning to suspect something. There are only 7 webisodes right? That’s what I read… But there doens’t seem to be any closing. Or maybe there isn’t meant to be. Hmm… Your thoughts?

Source: Youtube

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