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Super Junior wins M! Countdown Triple Crown (110825)~

YES! First Triple Crown for Mr. Simple~~~~~

Mnet’s “M! Countdown” is back with another episode of great performances!

It was a hot battle between Super JuniorINFINITE, and 2NE1  Continue reading

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Big Bang FINALLY releases their much-anticipated “Love Song” MV~

Will this be bigger than ‘Tonight’?

This week has been dominated by the numerous teasers Big Bang rolled out for their special edition mini-album, and it’s only a small tidbit of the success the boys will achieve in the following weeks.

Last week, Continue reading

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Big Bang releases special edition EP~

OMG. ‘S About time… all the teasers. MANN.

This week has been dominated by the numerous teasers Big Bang rolled out for their special edition mini-album, and it’s only a small tidbit of the success the boys will achieve in the following weeks.

Big Bang has just unveiled their full Special Edition mini-album along with the title track, “Love Song“. As the teasers promised, it’s a beautiful song and its heartbreaking quality is reflected in the music. Continue reading

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JYP reveals ‘Dream High Part 16.5’~

Yang Jin Man (JYP’s Character)’s past is revealed~!

KBS’s popular high school drama, “Dream High“, has already reached its end, but J.Y. Park just dropped one last present for the drama’s diehard hards.

He tweeted on March 9th, “Here’s a present for all my Yang Jin Man lovers. “Dream High” part 16.5. Hope you guys love it~! ♥Continue reading

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miss A’s Suzy sheds tears over her acting criticisms~

Poor Suzy T^T

During the “Dream High Special Concert,” miss A’s Suzy shed tears due to the heavy dose of criticism for her acting during the beginning of the drama.

She revealed her true feelings for the drama and after watching her NG scenes, she suddenly burst into tears. Continue reading

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SBS airs ‘The Big Bang Show’ for Big Bang’s comeback!

BAHAHA. This is why I love Big Bang ;)

Having announced an hour-long special for Big Bang’s comeback earlier, fans have been waiting patiently for the broadcast, and the moment has finally arrived!

YG has always done things differently, and for Big Bang’s grand comeback after a long hiatus, they have arranged for Big Bang to make their comeback through their concert, ‘Big Show 2011‘, this past weekend. Continue reading

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G.NA wins Inkigayo Mutizen & preview for Big Bang’s special (Feb. 27th/2011)~

Now G.NA has won them all~

SBS’s Inkigayo is back once again, and this week’s show was full of amazing and fun performances from the top participating K-pop artists!

The ‘Take 7′ nominees for the February 27th episode of Inkigayo were IU (“The Story Only I Didn’t Know“), Lee Hyun (“You Are The Best of My Life“), SECRET (“Shy Boy“), Continue reading

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Super Junior’s Leeteuk angers radio listeners~

Not the best move, Leeteuk…

Although I believe in Leeteuk, and am a true fan, this was a jerk move. Although he probably wasn’t trying to be harsh or mean, there are certain jokes you just can’t say.
*Siiiigh* I hope you don’t gain alot of antis over this. Don’t worry Teukie, I still love you! ^^

Some fans are frowning upon Super Junior’s Leeteuk’s harsh joke.

On February 22nd, KBS 2FM’s ‘Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio’ featured a K-pop in China special. Continue reading

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Reporters uncover the dark reality behind celebrity auditions…

So this is what certain agencies put unsuspecting trainees through…

This is actually too creepy. I can’t believe it… The idols we watch and listen to and love everyday had to go through this kind of road to get there. Too disturbing.

The alarming hidden truth behind celebrity auditions was revealed through the February 18th episode ofKBS’s “VJ Special Forces.”

Continue reading

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SBS to air hour-long Big Bang comeback special~!

A whole entire hour full of new Big Bang excitement~

Hehe, you know it’s a big deal when SBS decides to do a whole entire hour special on it. YAY FOR BIG BANG!

After confirming their official comeback plans yesterday, Big Bang will now be meeting with their fans through an hour-long SBS special called “Big Bang Comeback Show” on February 27th!

This is the first time a singer has been Continue reading

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