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Super Junior releases mv for ‘A-Cha’~

There’s so much competition this comeback; but I believe in my boys!~

The boys are back with a hot new video for their follow-up track, “A-Cha“!

Though they’re only promoting with eight members, all 10 could be found in the video. Leeteuk had previously promised, “There’s a lot of anticipation running amongst us because this song is of a genre that Super Junior hasn’t tried yet. Instead of autotune, there are refreshing adlibs placed throughout the song that show a bit more of Super Junior’s vocal talent.”

It’s not just their vocal talents that got showcased in this video, but sharp dancing skills and trendy fashion as well.

Check out their MV below!

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Super Junior wins Music Bank K-Chart (110902)~

I’m kinda disappointed. What happened to Suju’s follow-up promos? =(

Music Bank‘ is back with another fun and exciting show that was chock-full of amazing performances!

Besides the usual stages on tonight’s show, Davichi and DJ KOO made their comebacks this week while April Kiss kicked off their debut promotions.

Super Junior faced off against Infinite for this week’s K-Chart, but in the end, it was Super Junior who clinched the ‘K-Chart’ win.

Congratulations Super Junior!

Due to overseas activities, Super Junior could not attend.

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Heechul heads off to the army~

Wahhh. This is gonna be a long two years~

Super Junior won’t be the same without youu T^T

On September 1st, Super Junior’s Heechul thanked his fans and the press before formally enlisting with the army.

Hundreds of fans from all over the world crowded the entrance before his arrival. The star arrived wearing a hat, which he took off in order to greet his fans. With a bright smile, he began, “I wasn’t going to greet anyone before enlisting, but I think my haircut came out okay.”

He continued with a bow, “I’ll come back as an adult. Thank you so much for coming all the way out here. After making a cute pose for the cameras, he added, “Please edit the pictures nicely if you’re going to upload them!”

Although he stayed for only a brief moment, he made sure to wave to his fans before leaving the scene. Hundreds of fans shouted in unison, “Be well, we’ll wait for you until the end.” Some emotional fans couldn’t help but shed tears over his enlistment.

Heechul will be receiving four weeks of training at the Nonsan training camp before beginning his service as a member of the public service personnel for 23 months.

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Super Junior wins Inkigayo Mutizen & Heechul says his goodbyes (110828)~

I’m gonna miss you soo much. I think I’m gonna cry =(

SBS’s “Inkigayo” is back once again, and this week’s show was full of amazing and fun performances from the top promoting K-pop artists!

Aside from the usual stages, G.NA made her comeback this week while STELLAR made their debut. Meanwhile, T-ara and miss A said goodbye as they wrapped up their promotions this week.

The ‘Take 7‘ nominees were MBLAQ (“Mona Lisa“), T-ara (“Roly-Poly“),  Continue reading

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Super Junior’s Leeteuk cries as Heechul gives his final works on Inkigayo~

WAHHHH. MY HEECHULL~ I’ll wait for you TTT^TTT

On this week’s broadcast of SBS’s ‘Inkigayo‘, Super Junior received their second consecutiveMutizen award for their latest hit, “Mr. Simple”.

This week’s win was a lot more meaningful for both the group and their fans, since it was the last music show for member Kim Heechul before he withdraws for army service on September 1st.

It seems that out of all the Super Junior members, leader Leeteuk was hit hardest by his emotions. Overwhelmed, Leeteuk’s tears flowed down uncontrollably as he gave his thank you speech and hugged Heechul tightly in his arms.

Leeteuk expressed, “Thank you to everyone who has given us love. Heechul is also leaving for the army soon, so thank you for giving us such a special gift.”

Heechul added, “This was my last stage before the army. It feels great to have been given such a special award before my leave. I’m always thankful to Jungsoo (Leeteuk) as well as the other members. For the fans who have loved us, I love you too. Thank you to all the staff of ‘Inkigayo’ who gave us so much of their time, and I’m especially thankful to all the managers who put up with my bad temper. I’m not very good at expressing myself, so I’ll just leave it here. I’ll come back safely, stay healthy!”

*sniff sniff* *bawls eyes out* WHYY SOO EARLYYYY. Teukie is older… aleast wrap up 5th jib promos first =(

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Super Junior wins M! Countdown Triple Crown (110825)~

YES! First Triple Crown for Mr. Simple~~~~~

Mnet’s “M! Countdown” is back with another episode of great performances!

It was a hot battle between Super JuniorINFINITE, and 2NE1  Continue reading

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Super Junior rates their best and worst looking members~

LOL. Poor Eunyhuk ;)

On August 23rd, ten members of Super Junior guested on SBS’s ‘Strong Heart‘ and ranked each other according to their looks.

The group unanimously agreed on Choi Siwon being #1.

They explained, “The absolute #1 is Choi Siwon. He has looks that all of the members acknowledge. It’s actually the bottom half that’s hard to rank.”

When asked to choose a specific member that they thought was unattractive, Kyuhyun andRyeowook chose Eunhyuk. They reasoned, “Just looking at it 100% from a looks-based point of view, Eunhyuk comes last”, and “I’m jealous of everything about Eunhyuk… except his looks.”

Eunhyuk retorted, “I’m not saying I’m handsome or anything, but I don’t think Ryeowook is a position to be saying things like that.” Hilariously, he then chose Ryeowook as the least attractive member.

Ryeowook responded, “Eunhyuk’s face was covered for our recent concept. I think our company knows that Eunhyuk is lacking in the looks department.”

At this point, Heechul spoke up and said, “I thought Eunhyuk was handsome up until today, but I think the three have a brainwashing effect.  Seeing him now, his face is a bit…” MC Kang Ho Dong agreed by laughing while stating, “Eunhyuk’s face does look a bit complicated.”

Siwon joined the guys in teasing Eunhyuk by adding, “Kang Ho Dong is more handsome than Eunhyuk,” to which Eunhyuk retorted by saying, “Ho Dong hyung is just a lump!”

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Super Junior to release ‘Version B’ of Mr. Simple album~

But But But the repackaged is supposed to be BALLAD-Y/CUUUUUUTE~ =(

Super Junior will be releasing a ‘Version B’ of their 5th full-length album, “Mr. Simple“!

On August 18th, SM Entertainment revealed that Version B would contain the same 12 tracks included on the original album, but this time, the song “Superman” has been added, thus bringing the total amount of songs to 13.

“Superman” was performed during Super Junior’s initial round of music program comebacks, and many fans lamented over how it wasn’t included in the album. The song has been described to be a minimalist hip-hop track which feature the members singing in a low vocal range.

The album jackets for ‘Version B’ are already gaining a hot response among their fans and looks likely to be another hot seller, thanks to their ‘urban soldier’ concept.

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Super Junior wins #1 again on M! Countdown~ (110818)


Mnet’s “M! Countdown” is back with another episode of great performances!

Besides the usual stages, Koyote, Dal Shabet, and Nine Muses made their comebacks this week. Elsewhere, rookie girl groups Chocolat and Blady made their debuts.

It was a hot battle between Super JuniorSISTAR, and 2NE1 for the #1 spot Continue reading

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Super Junior wins Music Bank K-Chart~! (110812)

AWEEE YEEEEEAAH! There goes another win! ;)

Music Bank‘ is back with a fun and exciting show that was chock-full of amazing performances!

Besides the usual stages on tonight’s show, SISTAR, Dal Shabet, and Seo In Guk made their respective comebacks while HyunA begun follow-up promotions.

Super Junior faced off against  Continue reading

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