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miss A’s Suzy sheds tears over her acting criticisms~

Poor Suzy T^T

During the “Dream High Special Concert,” miss A’s Suzy shed tears due to the heavy dose of criticism for her acting during the beginning of the drama.

She revealed her true feelings for the drama and after watching her NG scenes, she suddenly burst into tears. Continue reading

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Super Junior’s Leeteuk angers radio listeners~

Not the best move, Leeteuk…

Although I believe in Leeteuk, and am a true fan, this was a jerk move. Although he probably wasn’t trying to be harsh or mean, there are certain jokes you just can’t say.
*Siiiigh* I hope you don’t gain alot of antis over this. Don’t worry Teukie, I still love you! ^^

Some fans are frowning upon Super Junior’s Leeteuk’s harsh joke.

On February 22nd, KBS 2FM’s ‘Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio’ featured a K-pop in China special. Continue reading

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