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Wonder Girls on their US venture and new album~!

I’ve missed them, and so glad they’re going to be back~ (L)

In 2008, the Wonder Girls knocked on the door of the U.S. market and embarked on a long journey of self-discovery and growth. Though they were top stars in Korea, the girls were forced to start from the very bottom again with street performances.

Fast forward three years later, and we see the Wonder Girls return to Korea with some solid achievements under their belts. They’ve placed 76th on the Billboard Chart and became the first Korean artists to rank on the world-famous music barometer. They also completed a successful U.S. Tour, and filmed a movie with TV network, Teen Nick.

Prior to the official release of their 2nd album, Continue reading

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Happy Birthday to Wonder Girls’s Sunye~!

Happy Birthday to the gorgeous leader of the Wonder Girls!~

Saengil chukha hamnida Sunye! Congrats on turning 20~

Ahhh, so young! I always get surprised when I discover how young the Wonder Girls’ members are. =)

I hope to see the Wonder Girls back on the stage sooooon~ Your fans have missed you greatly ^^


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Wonder Girls’ Yenny celebrates her birthday~

Happy Belated Birthday Yenny~

Her birthday was yesterday, and I was halfway through making a post about it when my computer crashed =( Sorrry. But congrats Ye eun~!

Wonder Girls’ Ye Eun, a.k.a. Yenny, celebrated her 23rd birthday.

On May 26th, officials from Yenny’s agency uploaded a picture through her Twitter, tweeting, “Wonder Girls’ Park Ye Eun’s birthday party! We are eating a delicious dinner and having a great time.”

In the picture, Yenny is sporting a bright smile and making ‘victory’ signs with her fingers while sitting behind her birthday cake.

Fellow singer Se7en and miss A’s Fei also left birthday messages on Yenny’s Twitter. Se7en wrote,“Happy birthday^^ happy bday Yenny!!! Hope u hva greattt day!!! holla,” while Fei tweeted, “Ye Eun, happy birthday! Happy Birthday! What are you going to do today? Come to Korea soon so we can play!”

Meanwhile, the Wonder Girls will attend the JYP concert in Japan this coming August.

Source: Allkpop | shared by: sunbunss

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JYP Nation releases ‘This Christmas’~

JYP Nation with “This Christmas”~

Nearly two weeks ago we reported that the artists of JYP Entertainment were coming together for the first time to release a Christmas carol single titled ‘This Christmas.’ In addition to this single, they’ve formed a team called JYP Nation and are scheduled to hold their ‘2010 JYP Nation: TEAM PLAY‘ concert on December 24th at the Seoul Olympic Stadium.

Yesterday, they released a special gretting video for both the single and concert and now the single has been released. Park Jin Young, Wonder Girls, 2PM, 2AM, miss A, San E, JOO, and Lim Jung Hee all came together to release this lovely track, so check it out below.

Remember to support by purchasing the music. If you’re interested in the concert, you can purchase tickets here.

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Wonder Girls’ Sunye and Yeeun reveal boyfriends on Twitter?~

Sunye’s Boyfriend?

On November 21st, Wonder GirlsSunye has revealed her boyfriend on Twitter.

Sunye recently posted a photo of herself with a ‘boyfriend doll’ that a fan had given to her. In the picture, Sunye has a bright smile and is tightly holding the doll that has a navy blue bow-tie.

This doll has brought about laughter simply because written on the doll is the word ‘애인 (AeIn)’, which means lover or boyfriend/girlfriend in Korean.

Fellow Wonder Girl Yeeun also tweeted a picture with a doll, saying, “With AeIn ke ke ke“. This doll has a different colored bow-tie than that of Sunye’s doll, which makes us assume that each of the members received their very own boyfriend doll.

Source: Allkpop | Shared by: sunbunss

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Best Girl Group Poll results from iPoll~

‘Best Girl Group’ Poll results;

Korea’s largest online polling site ipoll.kr conducted a poll for “Best Girl Group” from August 23rd to October 3rd. Various girl groups were paired up in brackets with the winner advancing to the next round. The poll was very popular with more than 100,000,000 votes tallied for the entirety of the poll.

The first round match up was as follows:

Brown Eyed Girls (397,970) vs T-ara (332,464)
SNSD (8,322,980) vs 4minute (5,184,301)
After School (5,657,572) vs f(x) (3,483,645)
Sistar (92,580) vs 2NE1 (220,857)
Miss A (666,657) vs KARA (340,025)
Wonder Girls (5,560,302) vs Secret (150,246)

Second Round:
Brown Eyed Girls (232,740) vs SNSD (6,573,904)
After School (3,582,021) vs 2NE1 (889,429)
Miss A (250,933) vs Wonder Girls (7,544,260)

A Double Elimination poll was held and 4minute won that poll

Semi Finals:
SNSD (8,363,274) vs After School (1,460,794)
4minute – Double Elimination winner (437,867) vs Wonder Girls (5,545,042)

SNSD (28,558,344) vs Wonder Girls (40,637,960)

I think the results are what they are for a reason: The girls’ talent and how long they’ve been in the industry. The Wonder Girls had so many hits… but sadly, that was years ago. Atleast they haven’t officialy disbanded yet, right? They sure have some loyal fans. And if it was up to me, either the Wonder Girls would’ve gotten my vote, or The Brown Eyed Girls =]

Despite being gone for quite some time it was surprising to see the Wonder Girls win the poll, Congratulations to them. Which girl group would’ve gotten your vote?

Source: Allkpop | Shared by: sunbunss

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KARA’s Goo Hara and Wonder Girls’ Sunmi were childhood BFFs?~

A past childhood photo of KARA’s Goo Hara and Wonder Girls’ Sunmi together at an amusement park has caught on interest as of recent.

In the photo, you can see the two girls at a children’s amusement park with two other boys, cutely posing for the camera. The exact time of when the photo was taken is still unknown, however by the looks of the photo, the girls look like they were in elementary/middle school.

This photo was originally uploaded on a fan club open board back in 2009, but had only just recently caught on with the general public.

It is also well known amongst the fans of KARA and the Wonder Girls’ that the 91′er Goo Hara and 92′er Sunmi have always had a close unnie/dongsaeng friendship with each other.

Both girls auditioned for the ‘SM Best Teenagers Contest’ back in 2005, where they both reached to the finals in the ‘Best Image’ category. They remained as close friends even after Sunmi entered JYPE as a trainee.

Netizens who saw this picture commented with, “I think both would have been popular when they were younger”, “Both of them look so young”, “Two pretty babies getting along together…”, “It’s such an old photo, but to see them together is surprising.”


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Happy Birthday to Yoobin of Wonder Girls~

Congrats to Yoobin of Wonder Girls on turning 22! Saengil chukha hamnida~!
I hope the day turns out well for Yoobin, and that she is having fun spending her special day with those who are special to her~

Hope the Wonder Girls are doing well, and maybe there will be a comeback soon in the future for the Girls! :D

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Park Jin Young – Ideal man for Wonder Girls Sohee and Lim~

Park Jin Young confessed that he thought Sohee would be the last member to get married out of the Wonder Girls on an episode of Mnet’s “Made In Wonder Girls“.

He revealed, “I have no idea what Sohee’s ideal man is like. She’s going to get married the latest out of all of them. Hyelim likes guys with handsome faces, even if they don’t dress well. But for Sohee, he has to have a good style even if he’s ugly.”

Park Jin Young continued with the comparisons, saying, “Hyelim doesn’t care if a guy has no sense of humor as long as he’s handsome,while Sohee wants someone that’s emotional and warm. For example, someone like gagman Yoo Se Yoon.”

HAHAHAHHA. JYP…. you crack me uppp ;)


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